Mayor accuses two young owners of “malicious”

The Mayor of Valerie Plante’s office considers the behavior of a couple of “dishonest” real estate investors to “unacceptably” drive out tenants due to suspicious plans to enrich themselves.

“It’s unacceptable to see landlords evict peasants, especially during times of affordable crisis that affect families and the middle class,” said Marikim Gordrow, a spokesman for the mayor’s office. Said.

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yesterday, newspaper A couple of owners, Thierry Miley Dominique and Justin Ode, have revealed that they have been ordered to pay $ 14,500 to a former tenant of the Plateau Mont Royal Triplex.

Thierry Mailly-Dominique and Justin Ode


“We hope this ruling will be a lesson for all owners who want to take advantage of the context of higher bids on properties behind tenants,” said the Valerie Plant Cabinet.

According to an Administrative Court (TAL) ruling released this month, the two lovers acted “maliciously”, claiming that ownership of the home would benefit Justin Odette’s father. ..

Note that the father of this is François Audt of Groupe Patrimoine, a major real estate player in the Quebec region.

Groupe Patrimoine's François Audet

Heritage Group / Facebook

He is responsible for several residences in the Capitale-Nationale region, including La Villa du Parc, Le Cousineau, Le Jardin des Pionniers, Manoir des Pionniers, Humanitae, Le Jules-Verne and the residence Le Marc-Aurèle.

“The real purpose of the acquisition was real estate speculation,” and Justin Odette’s “father didn’t live in the house,” according to the evacuated tenant.

TAL also agreed with him and accused the couple of “foreclosure of dishonest housing.” As proof, Thierry Mailly-Dominique and Justine Audt stepped into cooking, especially on Instagram, by revealing that they “want to transform, optimize rents, and increase the value of blocks.”

Thierry Mailly-Dominique and Justin Ode


“The court gives little confidence in the landlord’s testimony. Their version of the facts appears to be sewn with white thread, which contradicts the comments they wrote on their Instagram account.” , Can be read at the discretion of TAL.

  • Listen to an interview on QUB Radio with Genevieve Pettersen, chairman of the Petite Patrie Housing Commission, an organization that defends tenant rights.

In addition to the Triplex purchased on the plateau in 2020, these two young real estate investors have acquired the Sixplex on Ville-Marie’s Alexander Desave Street in recent months.

On their Instagram page, the couple posted various videos and photos of renovating the building.

According to our information, an inspector was dispatched this afternoon to see if the refurbishment was legal.

“We will do the necessary checks on the Sixplex, which is currently under renovation,” said Mayor Plante’s office.

The day after our article, Home Depot also removed the publications containing Thierry Mailly-Dominique and Justine Audet.

In these pictures, lovers promote the products the company offers to organize their wardrobes.

Home Depot-Thierry Mayley-Dominique and Justin Odette

Home Depot / Instagram

“Our relationship is limited to a one-off project in 2021 and there is no current partnership,” Home Depot spokeswoman Alyssa Ho declined to comment.

All requests for interviews with Groupe Patrimoine’s Thierry Mailly-Dominique, Justine Audet, and François Audet remained unanswered at the time this text was published.