Marrakech Investor Day: Diversification to “break away” from tourism

First edition of Marrakech Investor Day.

The Marrakech-Safi Regional Investment Center (CRI) was held last Wednesday at the Water Museum, the first edition of Marrakech Investor Day. A great opportunity to emphasize the resilience of the region. In 2021, this will record approximately 2,063 meetings between the CRI and investors in several countries, approving 516 projects for over € 3 billion in investments and 13,190 expected employment. it was done.

“Marrakech Investor Day”. This is an event that stays here. With the support of Wilayah in Marrakech-Safi, sponsored by the CRI and with the support of the International Finance Corporation and the Swiss Federal Economic Secretariat, the first edition of this event is part of the framework of economic impulses. CRI’s territorial promotion mission.
The purpose of the meeting was to promote the strengths, possibilities and new investment opportunities of the Marrakech-Safi region.She

It was based on the 3Rs: resilience, recovery and reinvention. In effect, Malakesh Investor Day, of course, focused on the lessons learned from the post-Covid economic recovery and the health crisis that gave in to the global economy for two years.
In such a difficult situation, the Marrakech-Safi region is one of the few regions that could maintain its own region. In 2021, approximately 2,063 meetings were recorded between the CRI and investors in several countries, and 516 projects were approved. According to CRI DG Yassine Mseffer, there are estimates of more than € 3 billion in investment and 13,190 jobs.

For recovery, leaders in the Marrakech-Safi region have questioned the strategic position associated with all sectors. As pointed out by Karim Kashi Larou, a regional warrior, one of the lessons learned from this crisis was the absolute need to diversify the region’s economy. Strong reliance on the tourism sector could be fatal to the economy of the region as a whole, and the 3Rs were the key words that influenced intervention strategies during the last two years of crisis, according to people familiar with the matter. ..

He also said that this diversification is already in the pipeline since 2019.
And from a commitment perspective, Karim Kassi-Lahlou knows that Malakesh is historically known as a logistics platform, and some with diversification that impacts the tourism sector itself, then industry, logistics, etc. Said that the structuring project of was started. “Hub related to all economic movements at the national and international levels”. He referred to the Logistics Master Plan, which includes five logistics zones throughout the region, for this purpose. The flagship is in Tamansul and should see the light of day in 2023. There are also technology parks and other industrial levers that have had a good day. Like the food industry and medicinal and aromatic plants, it is the subject of development.

Data and digital, essentials

During this event, the organizers paid particular attention to the importance of data and digital as an important vector of growth and territorial development. This is an opportunity for CRI to present a new collaboration platform. To this end, CRI’s DG has three digital aims to stimulate investment in the region within the framework of a new concept called “Lemon Data” inspired by football “Lemon Free”. Announced the simultaneous release of the platform.
These are “”, which provides all information and e-services related to investment in the Marrakech-Safi region, and “Marrakechintelligence.”, Which provides all kinds of relevant data, d-indicators, or analyzes necessary for the development of investment. ma “. In the region, investors can anticipate themselves for the future, and finally, access to the region’s new open data portal,
At the same time, Yassine Mseffer announced a new brand, Marrakech Invest, a new visual identity that reflects the region’s ambitions, diversity and wealth. The new logo can be seen in the form of two dunes of a man lying on a chaise longue, or an eagle in flight. Everything connects deserts and mountains, land and sea, deserts and mountains, wealth and sustainability.

“Marrakech Investor Award”: Winners

In this first edition, CRI celebrated businesses and entrepreneurs in the Marrakech-Safi region, women and men who showed resilience during the two-year health crisis. Experts and expert juries have ruled in seven categories.
• “Entrepreneur of the year” awarded to the company “Trotti” represented by Jaafar Hakam.
• “Social Investor of the Year” awarded to “Terre Brune” represented by Selma Antari.
• “Green Investor of the Year” awarded to “Mika”, represented by Said Benhamida.
• “Innovative Investor of the Year” awarded to “Entomonutris”, headed by Managing Director Mohamed Deldor.
• “Reinventive Investor of the Year” awarded to “Virtualistic” represented by Adnane Abouelouazne.
• “International market developer of the year” awarded to “SITI Imperium Holding” represented by Amine Baroudi.
• “Resilient Investors of the Year”. This jury’s favorite award is all Marrakech economics, especially accommodation, entertainment, catering, transportation, guides and artisans in the city of Ocher.