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Shopify has introduced changes to employee compensation plans to increase flexibility between cash and equity components. (Photo: 123RF)

News essential

• Federal Budget: Moderate spending on housing and banks. The Justin Trudeau administration wants to tackle real estate overheating with the budget presented Thursday. It aims to increase the affordability of homes, combat rising inflation, and promise modest spending to support medium-term growth.

• Federal Budget: Reduced bond issuance, ahead of schedule. Budgets released yesterday show that Canada is reducing its debt issuance, including long-term bonds, as the economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis strengthens its outlook.

• Federal Budget: Carbon storage and support for certain minerals. Ottawa provides substantial incentives for companies investing in carbon capture and storage technologies to accelerate the exploration, extraction and processing of minerals associated with reducing GHG emissions, up to C $ 3.8 billion over eight years. Secure the dollar.

• US: Decrease in profits of major banks in the first quarter? Large US banks are expected to see a significant decline in first-quarter earnings from a year ago, which benefited from very high levels of transactions and intermediaries and reduced allowance for doubtful accounts.

• Shopify: Increases flexibility between cash and stock compensation. Shopify has made changes to its employee compensation plans to increase flexibility between cash and equity components, The Globe and Mail reported Thursday.

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Trends before opening

Canada’s major stock index futures show a higher open ahead of today’s release of Canada’s employment data. Wall Street futures are futures, but profits have been limited due to significant rate hikes around the world and geopolitical risks. European stocks are rising as investors turn their attention to the first round of the French presidential election this weekend. The Asian stock market has closed its session in a positive territory. The US dollar index reached 100 for the first time in nearly two years as gold prices fell. Oil prices are also declining as some countries use strategic stockpiles.

Title to follow

• Shopify: The company introduced changes to its employee compensation plans to increase flexibility between cash and equity components, The Globe and Mail reported Thursday. The changes will be effective from July to the end of the year. Shopify didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment from Reuters. According to The Globe and Mail, the changes will be disclosed at the company’s general meeting Thursday afternoon with the aim of making wages more competitive when the e-commerce company title is hit.


• Advantage energy: The RBC has raised its price target from C $ 8.5 to C $ 10, thanks to increased visibility into the return of the company’s initiative on investing in capital, given a more favorable outlook for natural gas prices.

• Copperleaf Technology: The National Bank of Canada will begin tracking stocks with an outperformance rating and a target price of $ 20 to reflect its scalable platform and strategy for establishment and vertical expansion.

• Diverse royalty: CIBC is neutrally lowering its outperformance rating to reflect the recovery or rise in COVID-19 and the turmoil associated with the rate of increase.

• Victoria Gold: CIBC lowered its price target from C $ 23 to C $ 21 as the company failed to meet its target and recorded lower-than-expected gold production in the first quarter.

Key indicators of the agenda

08:30 (approx.) Activity rate (March): Consensus 65.4%; previous 65.34%

08:30 (approximate) Var. Seasonally adjusted employment rate, part-time (March): Previous 215100

08:30 (approximate) Var. Seasonally adjusted employment rate, full-time (March): Previous 121,500

08:30 (approximate) Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate (March): Consensus 5.3%; previous 5.5%

08:30 (approximate) Var. Employment rate (March): Consensus 80,000; earlier 336,600

08:30 (approximate) Average salary, full-time, variant annual (March): Previous 3.3%

Publication of results

April 8

Chorus Entertainment: Earnings per share forecast for Q2 is CA $ 0.08

MTY Food Group: C $ 0.62 Earnings per share forecast for Q1

April 11

There are no major corporate publications.

Corporate agenda

08:00 Chorus Entertainment: Second Quarter Revenue Phone

08:30 MTY Food Group: First Quarter Revenue Phone

12:00 Tocvan Ventures: Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

1:00 pm Permex Petroleum: Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

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