MARE NOSTRUM: Implementation of share buyback program

Setting square ‘a Share buyback program

Grenoble, the April 13 2022 –8:00 am.. Mare Nostrum, an innovative SME / ETI human resources development expert, will implement a share repurchase program approved at the shareholders’ meeting on June 18, 2021 by a board decision dated March 24, 2022. Announced (6)th resolution).

Description of share buyback program
The Mixed General Assembly of Marenostram Shareholders on June 18, 2021 approved the 18-month repurchase program of the Company’s shares from the Board of Directors. Follow the provisions of Article L.225. French Commercial Code 209.

Purpose of share buyback program

  • In accordance with the Association Française des Financial Markets Code of Ethics approved by Autorité des Marchés Financials, we promote liquidity and animate the prices of company securities through investment service providers that act independently under liquidity contracts.
  • Employees or executive officers of the company and its associated French or foreign companies or groups, in the context of profit sharing, especially in the context of company expansion, employee shareholding plans or company savings plans, under legal and regulatory conditions. Allocate shares to. Under stock option plans or free allocation of shares or other conditions permitted by the rules.
  • The shares repurchased by the capital reduction in this way will be canceled by a specific resolution relating to this capital reduction by a decision on special matters at the general meeting of shareholders.
  • Allocating shares when exercising rights associated with securities that redeem, convert, exchange, present vouchers, or otherwise grant rights to existing shares of the company.
  • Remittance of paid or exchanged shares within 5% (5%) of equity capital, especially within the framework of external growth businesses.

The purchase, sale, or transfer of these shares is optional on one or more occasions, on or off the market, including trading blocks of securities (the maximum share of a repurchase program that may be executed). You can do it by means. By acquiring or selling blocks of securities that may reach the entire licensed program), and during the public offering period.

Maximum number of shares that can be purchased
A company can acquire up to 10% of the shares that make up the company’s stock capital, or 757,496 shares. This limit is assessed on the redemption date and increases or decreases in operating capital that may occur during the duration of the program. The number of shares considered in the calculation of this limit corresponds to the number of shares purchased minus the number of shares resold during the program period within the liquidity target.

Purchase price Unitary maximum: 10 euros (excluding acquisition costs)

Maximum amount of money available to buy back shares: € 7,574,968

Interval: 18 months from the General Assembly, that is, until December 18, 2022.

Detailed information

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Have about Mare Nostram :
The Mare Nostrum Group is an innovative human resource management expert specializing in temporary work, recruitment, training, wage portage and professional mobility for 17 years. The Group exists throughout the employment cycle through SME / ETI-focused multi-brand offers. With a bespoke approach focused on value-added customers, you can achieve profitable and dynamic growth. It relies on more than 390 full-time employees, more than 10,000 temporary workers and more than 100 commercial facilities (France and international). Mare Nostrum is labeled “Innovative Company” by Bpifrance and is subject to the PEA-PME scheme. FR0013400835 – Mnemonic: ALMAR

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