Major contract between Eutelsat and Telenor Maritime for maritime connectivity services demonstrating the leading role of Eutelsat ADVANCE services in the cruise ship segment

  • Shows a complete partnership between Eutelsat’s orbital resources and its Eutelsat ADVANCE solution
  • Strong dynamism of the Mediterranean and Caribbean maritime connection market

Paris – (Business Wire) – Regulatory News:

Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL) (Paris: ETL) was selected by Telenor Maritime to provide in-orbit resources and managed services on several satellites and to provide connections on cruise vessels. Under the terms of the agreement just signed, Eutelsat will provide the capacity of the EUTELSAT 33E covering the Mediterranean Sea and the EUTELSAT 65 WestA satellite with the managed connectivity service Eutelsat ADVANCE covering the Caribbean Sea...

The agreement provides Telenor Maritime with resources and services targeted to specific navigation areas, while confirming the interest of Eutelsat ADVANCE services for the maritime sector and supporting the strong dynamism of the Mediterranean and Caribbean connectivity markets. increase.

Telenor Maritime is one of the world leaders in end-to-end maritime connectivity serving passengers and crew, participating in the digital transformation of commercial vessels. Thanks to its partnership with Eutelsat on several Eutelsat satellites, Telenor Maritime further improves the performance, coverage, and restoring of resources for sea connectivity, making it reliable for cruise ship customers. We will be able to provide a highly secure connection solution.

Lars Erik Lunoe, CEO of Telenor Maritime, said: “We are particularly excited to work with Eutelsat, one of the world’s largest operators of geostationary satellites, to meet the growing connectivity needs of cruise passengers. Eutelsat’s orbital resources. By combining the extraordinary quality of the managed service with the robustness of managed services, we were able to build an offer that could be tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Michel Azibert, Deputy CEO of Eutelsat, concludes: “We are pleased that Eutelsat ADVANCE, our managed connectivity solution, can be successfully deployed through commercialization at Telenor Maritime. This agreement highlights the strong dynamism of the maritime connectivity market, especially in the cruise ship segment, thereby connecting at sea. Strengthen Eutelsat’s position as a major player in. »»

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