Lyon’s Ilot Kennedy, a showcase of “liberating and ecological” cities

These are the first, second and third most expensive projects in the Lyon City Hall investment plan. The new Kennedy School, a sports complex with a pool, Atelier Ecole Graphic. By the end of 2026, they will be built in the Maison de la Dance, the Media Library, and a two-hectare plot near the City Hall in District 8.

The € 60 million program “combines culture, education and sports, which is a symbol of our liberal urban project,” says Mayor Gregory Dusset. These three themes represent “more than half of the PPI”, but prioritize “reducing heritage debt left by predecessors in poorly maintained public facilities” with a view to refurbishment. increase. Kasolo Island is even more exceptional as there are few new constructions on this mission-rather envisioned for a second construction.

Pyreron School

By autumn, three construction companies specializing in these fairly technical buildings have been selected. The three achievements aim to be an example with biosource materials and the highest environmental performance labels of the new RE2020 standard. ‘Ecological Transition and Heritage Assistant Sylvain Godinot explains. The nautical complex and workshop that consumes more energy will be E3C2.

The actual work begins in the spring of 2023, destroying the old Kennedy School of the last “Pyleron” type ominous memory in Lyon. Previously, students were temporarily installed in the city hall parking lot and in a modular building in the square Balichon from the beginning of the next school year. “Children instead of cars, a beautiful symbol,” said Olivier Belzan, the mayor of the autonomous region.

Swimming, mountaineering, cycling

Scheduled for September 2025, the new school group will accommodate 500 students in 18 classes and will increase from 50 to 60 square meters to promote staff duplication. “We have a large tree-lined courtyard that exceeds the regulation size, a self-service dining room, and an additional multipurpose room open to neighborhood associations,” explains Education Assistant Stephanie Leger. And the “Children’s City” is a pedestrian paradise around the school, “in an environment where there is a safe road with vegetation from one pole to the other.”

The school will benefit from an adjacent sports complex with outdoor grounds, a multisport gymnasium, a climbing wall and, above all, an indoor pool that attempts to “correct Lyon’s inadequate voyage offer”. , Says Julie Nublat-Faure. , Sports assistant. The two pools, 25 meters and 15 meters, are open to school children, swimming clubs and the general public. The small pool has a variable depth with a movable bottom for learning to swim. Another special feature of the complex, offered at the end of 2026, is the permanent education cycle route.

Artistic residence

Finally, a space for rehearsals and artistic dwellings, Atelier Collegraphik with Dominique Hervieu, the choreographer director of the Maison de la Dance, who left for the Cultural Committee of the Paris Olympics in February. Make your promise come true. colour. They were being considered by Confluence with a € 100 million move from Maison de Danse. After that, I headed to the Guimet Oriental Museum and remained vacant near Tetdor due to the establishment of the Confluence Museum.

Cultural assistant Natalie Perrin Gilbert cuts a budget-boosting project by half to favor this device near the theater. € 18.2 million, including support for 6.3 in the state. The 3,000 m2 surface area includes a large 1,000 m2 creation room that can accommodate 400 spectators and two studios with dozens of bleachers. The first dance step expected before 2026.