LCB-FT: GAFI not only scares children (ghost Gafi), but also big bad financial criminals!

Cocorico: France ranked high in the fight against financial criminals (according to itself)

It is probably appropriate to ask financial criminals if France is so strong in the fight against money laundering. Not surprisingly, if laundering is successful, the authorities will not be able to detect it … but stay positive and enjoy the strong position France gives itself in the fight against money laundering. ..

The FATF, an intergovernmental organization that serves as a benchmark for the fight against money laundering and financing for terrorism and proliferation (AML-FT), has shown a very positive evaluation of the French system in this area. After two and a half years of work against the backdrop of the global epidemic, the French Mutual Assessment Report was adopted and the process of assessing the French system for combating economic and financial crimes was completed on March 3. did.

FATF? A book ghost learning to read for kids?

Founded in 1989 in Somet de la Ruche under the leadership of France, the FATF is an intergovernmental organization responsible for setting international standards for money laundering, terrorist financing and the fight against proliferation. The FATF member country’s system is regularly evaluated by peers against international standards. These assessments allow us to investigate the normative framework of each jurisdiction in detail and measure its level of effectiveness. France is represented by the FATF by the Directorate General of the Ministry of Finance, which heads the French inter-ministerial delegation.

France has a robust and sophisticated AML-FT framework, which is very effective.

The evaluation team praised the strengths and assets of the national system, recognized as a national priority, both in terms of fighting money laundering and fighting terrorism and proliferation financing. The FATF concludes that France has a robust and sophisticated AML-CFT framework that is highly effective in investigating and prosecuting terrorist funds, confiscating criminal assets, and international cooperation. France is also concerned with the effectiveness of the use of financial intelligence, investigation and prosecution in the area of ​​money laundering, and the implementation of targeted financial sanctions, whether as part of the fight against terrorist financing. We have achieved very good results or oppose financing the spread of weapons of mass destruction. The contributions of the financial sector, whether implementing or supervising measures, were widely welcomed.

Some reforms of the French system implemented in recent years, especially whether related to the creation of a sub-bureau for the fight against financial crime within the Ministry of Home Affairs (SDLCF), the Service Justice and Finance Investigation (SEJF), in particular. It is structured. – Joint Customs and Tax Services within the Ministry of Economy and Finance – or an institution for the management and collection of seized and confiscated assets (AGRASC). There are also specialized courts to deal with complex and highly complex cases, such as the National Court (JUNALCO), the National Financial Prosecutors Office (PNF), and the National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutors Office (PNAT), which are responsible for fighting organized crime. ). Decisive preventive progress has also made it possible, thanks to the actions of the Directorate General of Finance, to enhance France’s effectiveness in implementing corporate financial transparency or asset freeze measures without delay.

The FATF has also made recommendations to complete this system. France needs to continue to step up its efforts in specific areas, such as supervising and implementing precautionary measures for professionals involved in the activities of the corporate and real estate sectors, and increasing and strengthening vigilance against politically exposed people. Implementation of oversight or targeted control measures and actions to raise awareness of the nonprofit sector in order to protect nonprofits from exploitation for the purpose of funding terrorism.

Chair of the Advisory Board on Money Laundering and the Fight against Terrorism (COLB), responsible for analyzing France’s BC-FT risk, piloting and coordinating all LCB-FT actions, and proposing necessary improvements. For Didier BANQUY device: ” We humbly tackle this exercise and are pleased with France’s excellent results in this area. France has always been extremely determined to combat all forms of financial crime. We have significantly enhanced our operational system and its legal weapons so that we can effectively combat these tragedy throughout our territory. As criminal activity evolves rapidly over time, it is important to maintain constant vigilance, adapt, and constantly renew awareness of risk. “.

France continues to do its utmost to combat financial crime. It played a major role in the negotiation of the current legislative package at the European level, continuing the development of the 2021-2022 inter-ministerial action plan to combat money laundering at the national level, including terrorism. And diffusion financing is considered. Evaluation conclusion. A meeting clause was set up in June 2025 to evaluate the follow-up of FATF recommendations.