Kyiv’s Boris Johnson, Ukraine fears imminent Russian attack

Kyiv: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suddenly visited Kyiv on Saturday and promised Ukraine a new weapon. In Ukraine, another threat of an imminent Russian attack is fleeing people to the east of the country. Of Kramatorsk station.

“Today I met my friend President Zelensky in Kieu and showed unwavering support for the Ukrainian people,” Boris Johnson tweeted after the meeting.

According to Downing’s statement, he promised to supply Ukraine with armored vehicles and anti-ship missiles, for “the greatest feat of weapons in the 21st century” that was able to defeat “Putin’s huge design”. In honor of the Ukrainian army. City.

On President Volodymyr Zelensky’s telegram channel, there are some pictures of the Ukrainian President still in Khaki, welcoming Boris Johnson in a suit and wearing a tie in front of Kieu and the internal presidential headquarters.

Johnson was the first G7 leader to visit the Ukrainian capital, which was bombarded just a week ago under the threat of assault, and Volodymyr Zelensky has been evacuated since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24. , Has earned the respect of the whole world. ..

“This visit is a sign of Britain’s resolute, strong and ongoing support for Ukraine,” the Ukrainian President said in a statement. “We appreciate it and always remember it.”

London is at the forefront of the Kremlin’s policy criticism, especially providing valuable anti-tank weapons to the Ukrainian army from the beginning, sanctioning the Russian oligarchs whose huge presence has given it a nickname for some time. I didn’t hesitate. “.

“The enemy keeps attacking”

At the same time, the worst in the eastern part of the country, where Russian missiles boarded a train on Friday and killed more than 50 of the hundreds of civilians gathered outside Kramatorsk station in hopes of fleeing west. I was prepared for.

“Russian enemies continue to step up their offensive operations in eastern Ukraine and prepare to take full control of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions,” Ukrainian Army Chief of Staff Donbas said on Facebook.

In addition to the ongoing battle to control Mariupol in the south and the major towns of Izyum further north, “enemy continues to attack with missile civilian targets throughout Ukraine,” warned staff.

In Lysychans’k, a small town in the Lugansk region, Mayor Oleksandr Zaika called on residents to leave as soon as possible.

“The situation in the city is very tense. Please evacuate. It has become very difficult and enemy shells are falling everywhere,” he said in a telegram message.

But “no one intends to abandon the Lugansk region,” he added.

In the rural areas of Barvinkove, Ukrainian soldiers and members of territorial defense were busy strengthening their position and digging new trenches. Roadsides have been mined and anti-tank mines have been installed at all intersections.

“We will stay here”

“We will stay here until the final victory,” commented the local commander.

The large port of Odessa, south of the Black Sea, was in turn threatened by strikes and experienced a curfew from Saturday night to Monday morning, local governments said.

“At the same time we are ready to fight, we are looking for a diplomatic way to stop the war,” said Wolodimil Zelensky at a press conference with Austrian Prime Minister Karl Nehammer, who also came to Kieu. Emphasized early on.

The day before, it was President Ursula von der Leyen of the European Commission who traveled to include Butcha, a small town near the capital that became a symbol of the atrocities of Russia’s aggression.

“If this is not a war crime, what is a war crime?” She said.

Ukraine is 10 billion

European leaders announced on Saturday that the international collection has made it possible to raise € 101 billion aimed at supporting Ukraine. “It’s great,” she said. “Once the bombs stop falling, we help the Ukrainians rebuild their country. We will continue to protect Ukraine,” she said.

In Kramatorsk, where a final assessment of a missile strike in front of the station on Friday evening reported 52 deaths, including five children, civilian evacuation continued on Saturday on the road. AFP journalists said minibuses and vans had picked up dozens of survivors of the bombing who spent the night in a Protestant church in the city center not far from the station.

US President Joe Biden has accused the “terrible atrocities” committed by the diplomacy of Moscow and France as “crimes against humanity.”

Moscow has denied responsibility for the strike and has even blamed Ukraine’s “provocation”.

After withdrawing troops from the Kyiv region and northern Ukraine, Russia completely conquered Donbus. Some have been dominated by pro-Russian separatists since 2014.

President Vladimir Putin, who has reduced his plans to invade Ukraine with the original intention of seizing Kyiv, wants to secure a victory in Donbus prior to the May 9 parade forces. In Red Square, observers point out that it is the culmination of the militarist stories that have been imposed on Russia.

Following the exposure of military abuse in Ukraine, Russia was suspended by a vote of the UN Human Rights Council on Thursday and subject to new western economic sanctions, but the ruble and Russian currencies regained power last month. rice field.

The Central Bank of Russia announced on Friday that it had re-approved the sale of foreign currency from April 18 and suspended it in early March.

London said it wanted to attack the “luxury lifestyle of the Kremlin’s inner circle” and decided to sanction Vladimir Putin’s two daughters and Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov’s daughter.

The EU has also blacklisted the two daughters of the Russian president.

A new set of disciplinary measures had already been adopted Thursday evening, including the suspension of Russian coal imports. This is the first time Europeans have hit Russia’s energy sector, Moscow’s main source of income.

Brussels has adopted new sanctions on Russian banks and has decided to close European ports to Russian ships.

kyiv wants an “immediate” supply of weapons to combat the new Russian attack in the east.

In addition to the troops announced on Saturday, Britain had already promised to send additional anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles. Slovakia then “donated” the Soviet-designed S-300 air defense system to Kieu.

According to Czech media, Prague sent a train loaded with T72 tanks and Soviet armored vehicles to Ukraine on Monday. This will be the first delivery of a heavily armored vehicle claimed by Kieu.