Krys Group is unaware of the crisis: record growth and unprecedented investment

At the Krys Group General Assembly on Sunday, March 20, sales increased by + 7.8% compared to 2019, and excellent investment and financial performance was announced. In spite of the health crisis, the network continued to expand, opening 73 stores.

Jean-Pierre Champion, CEO of Krys Group

The group announced that it will increase its market share by 0.4 points to 16.0% * and strengthen its leadership during the AGM period. Meanwhile, an investment plan of nearly 50 million euros has been programmed in five years.

Optical sales in France amounted to € 1.161 billion, including tax, an increase of 5.6% compared to 2019 (+ 2.7% on a constant basis).

Optical rotation of French and overseas stores as of December 31, 2021

For a million euros 2021 2019

Variable 21/19 (**)

Network sales including VAT 1,192 1,125 + 6.0%
Of which France 1,161 1,099 + 5.6%

Number of stores (units)

1,495 1,420 + 5.3%
Of which, France (unit) 1,444 1,371 + 5.3%
(**) All surfaces

Krys audition network reached record

Meanwhile, hearings saw triple growth between 2019 and 2021, with sales reaching € 38 million (3.2% of total sales). Krys Audition has 177 audio spaces, including 19 dedicated centers.

In 2021, the Group’s total optics and hearing revenues in France reached € 1.199 billion including tax (€ 1.112 billion including tax in 2019).

Optical rotation and hearing of French stores as of December 31, 2021

For a million euros 2021 2019 Variable 21/19 (***)
Sales including VAT optical 1,161 1,099 + 5.6%
Sales including VAT hearing 38 13 + 192%
total fee 1,199 1,112 + 7.8%
(***) All surfaces

“Unprecedented overinvestment”

Jean-Pierre Champion, CEO of Krys Group, is pleased with these results and evaluates them as follows: .. For several years. This excellent performance confirms our strategic choices and shows that our model is superior. It also demonstrates the entrepreneurial spirit that drives partners, the commitment of all teams, and the strength of the collaboration model. In this regard, we have chosen to invest, rebrand, launch new breakthrough offers and strengthen our position at the forefront of the market. In 2022, we will continue on this path by going further and launching a real Marshall Plan that offers unprecedented overinvestment in networks and industrial tools, and continuing to counter this crisis through attacks. »»

Launched in 2017, the Vision 2025 project will be distributed as follows and will receive a € 49.5 million boost over the next five years.

  • Store charm (8 million euros)
  • POS productivity (2 million euros)
  • Network expertise on visual health (€ 13 million)
  • Opening a store (10.5 million euros) and
  • Codir’s industrial tools (16M €)

This € 16 million industrial investment plan will develop and enhance the activities of Bazenville’s industrial land (78) with the latest results. Sales at the end of September 2021 were € 153 million, an increase of 13.2% compared to 2019. Successful transfer of production to France. “These very good results are related to store performance and offer quality, and are becoming more and more relevant in terms of both products and services, especially attractive economic conditions. Krys Group 20 Over the years, we have invested heavily in this site, which is at the heart of our differentiation strategy. By making the pioneering choice of repatriating production to France, we have integrated our purchases and made a substantial scale. We have built a strong means of competitiveness that will enable us to achieve the economy and inspire the Group’s innovation policies. », Jean-Pierre Champion.

The main challenge for Le Collectif des Lunetiers (formerly Vision Plus) is the successful transition from a national chain to an essential local local brand.

The purpose of the group’s “price” brand, Lynx Optique You Do, is to improve the economic model for successful relocation.

* Based on the optical market estimated from Gfk and BienVu data (Drees / France Optique)