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2021 Annual Results: Significant increase in profitability in the context of doubling activity

Paris, March 22, 2022 – Invibes Advertising, a leading technology company specializing in digital advertising, announced strong annual results in 2021 in the context of doubling its activities.

Annual financial reports are available on our website. https: //

Integrated data

Audited, K €


2020 *


turn over

23 201


+ 101%

Purchase and external costs



+ 100%

Labor costs



+ 81%




+ € 1,186k




+ 18%

Operating income



+ € 1,042k




+ 35%

Exceptional results








Net income



+ € 1,245K

* 2020 data presented according to a new assessment method that complies with IFRS standards

Intrinsic revenue doubles to € 23.2 million

Invibes Advertising announced on January 17 that sales have doubled to € 23.2 million compared to 2020, exceeding the target set for exercise of € 22 million.

During the period, the Group has benefited from a sustained increase (+ 69%) in existing countries (France, Spain, Switzerland, ML2Grow), which are still in their infancy but strong development. It shows that it has potential.

Country in the process of


(Germany, UK, Italy and Belgium) also recorded very strong growth in 2021 (x 5.2), just one year after its launch. This demonstrates the strength of Invibes Advertising’s international development model. Business in a new country to contribute to your business. As a result, the recently opened new countries (Netherlands, Scandinavia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates) are currently in the start-up phase and should rise rapidly from 2022 to contribute to the Group’s growth.

Sustainable increase in EBITDA in 2021

The strong international expansion recorded by the Group in 2021 was characterized by the continued structuring of the team to support this strong growth. In total, new hires in 2021 brought a total workforce of 124 in 2021 compared to 84 in 2020 on a full-time basis.

The experience of the group, which has started operations in more than 10 countries around the world, enables management and strict control of the cost structure during the period, recording a sustained increase in EBITDA of € 1,422 thousand compared to 2021. Was completed. In 2020 it will be 236,000 euros.

The breakdown of EBITDA by country maturity is as follows.

Integrated data,

Audited, K €



Existing country


turn over











turn over








n / A

New country (startup company)


turn over

19 19






n / A


Group overhead




Consolidated EBITDA



(1) France, Spain, Switzerland, ML2GROW

(2) Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, and Invibes International

(3) Sweden, Norway, Denmark, South Africa, Netherlands, Dubai

(4) Expenses excluding capital investment

With depreciation of € 958,000, Invibes Advertising posted an operating profit of € 464,000 for an operating loss of € 578,000 in 2020.

By integrating the financial costs of (354) K € and the tax credit of 259 K € related to the activation of deferred tax in 2021, the net result is 369 K € and a net loss of (876) K €. It will be a plus for. 2020.

Ambition: Reach 100 million euros by 2024

The Group can rely on a financial structure that integrates net cash to pursue its development.


This more than doubled during the period, reaching € 8.4 million at the end of December 2021, compared to € 3.9 million at the end of 2020. This amount does not include a successful capital increase of € 17 million. Completed by private placement in January last year.

With these enhanced financial resources, the Group provides itself with the means to pursue an ambitious roadmap that revolves around six strategic tools.

  • Acceleration of existing countries;

  • Opening up a new country;

  • Strengthening its technology platform.

  • Development of technical services for strategic customers.

  • Launched a 100% self-service platform exclusively for SMEs.

  • Development of ML2Grow, a subsidiary specializing in business services for big data and artificial intelligence projects.

With this aggressive strategy, Invibes Advertising will be able to reach € 100 million in sales by 2024, with a weighted average compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately + 72% from 2020 to 2024. If this growth is achieved to a large extent by organic growth, it may also include a portion due to external growth.

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About Invibes Advertising

Invibes Advertising is a state-of-the-art company specializing in digital advertising. Its innovative solution is based on an in-feed format integrated into media content.

Inspired by advertising on social networks, Invibes develops unique technologies to help brands communicate better with consumers. Its technology is optimized for delivery to closed networks of media groups such as Bertelsmann, Hearst, Unify, Groupe Marie Claire and Axel Springer. Clients include major brands such as Mercedes, Samsung, Levi’s and IBM.

Founded in 2011, Invibes Advertising is listed on Euronext (Ticker: ALINV – ISIN: BE0974299316). For more information, please visit

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Financial and corporate contacts:

Audry Mela, VP Investor Relations

[email protected]

Nicholas Pole, Co-CEO

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Kris Vlaemynck, Co-CEO

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EBITDA = Current operating profit before depreciation and provisions


Cash – 1 year or more of financial debt

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