Investing in the Metaverse: How do you go about it?

Invest in Metaverse, It is possible. Like cryptocurrencies, this type of investment is of interest to more and more people these days. The problem is that many people still don’t know how it works. This is all you need to know about it.

Now very fashionable, the term Metaverse refers to a kind of fictitious universe, or, according to Wikipedia, a collective virtual shared space. It consists of two words, meta and universe, and refers to different environments, experiences, and virtual assets. So we are dealing with a kind of parallel virtual world. For those who don’t know yet, this concept is not new.However Tech giantEspecially MetaGiving it a renovation.

At this point, there are already several possibilities. Of course, you can especially access and enjoy and enjoy different games with your friends. Just like in real life study, Buy landEtc. can also be found there The Christian community.. And the best part is that it is now even possible to invest in it. By the way, there are currently multiple ways to do this. Of course, it is important to know them for anyone who wants to embark on this type of investment.

Metaverse investment

Stocks to invest in Metaverse

Therefore, there are many options for investing in the Metaverse.However, the less volatile is to look at investment. Listed company, But it’s not free. Their business model needs to have a connection with the Metaverse. The following is a non-exhaustive list of these companies involved in the latter.

Meta Platforms, Inc.


At the meeting Facebook Connect 2021Held last October, Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Inc. has announced that it will become Meta Platforms Inc. Emphasize With AR / VRAnd of course the Metaverse.

Therefore, she launched her version of the Metaverse. Horizon World..Zuckerberg’s company also has a particular experience success Thanks to the autonomous VR headset Quest 2This continues to have multiple interests.

It is not yet known if sales of VR devices have increased. Push to Users looking to Horizon Worlds.



Roblox Is more than the current online metaverse platform 120 million Players per month. This allows you to create a virtual world and share it with others.

The platform was born in 2006. Since its creation, it has achieved rapid growth.Then it became at least a collection 50 million Unique digital games and experiences created by the gamer’s own community.

Of course, Roblox has millions of independent developers.The catch is that the company has, despite such numbers not yet I made a profit.



Boeing is one of the stock exchange-listed companies that allows investment in the Metaverse. Many are undoubtedly wondering what the relationship between the company and the Metaverse is.In fact, she uses it Improve productivity..

In an interview, the company’s chief engineer, Greg Hyslop, said it was intended to build a digital environment. This allows employees and robots to collaborate and communicate. Transparent World wide.



Microsoft will specifically use the Metaverse. Professional world.. The company plans to launch Mesh for Microsoft Teams this year. Popular video conferencing platforms will benefit from additional modules.

This allows the user to create a custom avatar and Holographic 3D environment.. Of course, the latter is not limited by geographical boundaries.

Holoportation will be one of Main functions Of the mesh. A tool that gives you the possibility to access the above digital environment using a VR headset. Keep in mind that each user can interact with team members as if they were in the same place.

Metaverse investment

Buy land in the Metaverse

As mentioned earlier, it is also possible to invest in the Metaverse by buying land there. Currently, there are already several platforms that sell digital real estate in the following ways: NFT where Non-substitutable token.. These are unique digital assets whose ownership has been verified by blockchain technology.

Within these platforms we can quote Decentraland When sandbox.. When you buy a specific virtual land, you can rent it, resell it, To construct Any numeric property. For example, video game company Atari has provided Decentraland with 20 plots of Digital Land.

She uses it Special cryptocurrency casino.. Therefore, players can use their ERC20-based tokens to bet and receive crypto prizes. Please note that the company recently announced its intention to launch a virtual resort this year.

How do I buy land in the Metaverse?

So anyone who wants to buy virtual land and invest in the Metaverse needs to go through Some steps.. Therefore, the first thing to do is to choose the platform you want to buy. Sandbox and Decentraland are certainly the most popular, but there are others.

Next, you need to create a digital cryptocurrency wallet to access and connect to the markets of your selected platform.In most cases, the marketplace Website Various metaverse platforms. Today, as in real life, buyers need to consider the location, price, and future value of the property they are considering buying.

Once you’ve found the ideal land, you can get tokens, buy them, and store them in your digital wallet. The type of token you use depends on the platform you choose.To buy sandbox land, you need to get tokens in particular sand..

Transaction finalization

If the buyer has already connected and funded the cryptocurrency digital wallet to the Metaverse market, he can: Immediately Buy the virtual land he chooses. For this, he can either get it directly or make an offer. When the real estate transaction is completed, the cost of the selected land will of course be deducted from his portfolio.

At the same time, the NFT representing the terrain is transferred to the latter. Keep in mind that if you want to buy other products such as accessories or clothing for your avatar at Metaverse, you need to follow these steps: Same process..

Investing in Metaverse through cryptocurrencies

It is also possible to invest in the Metaverse via cryptocurrencies. in fact, Exchange A token used to purchase digital assets such as virtual lands in the metaverse of other currencies, including cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Note that some Metaverse cryptocurrencies give owners the following possibilities: vote About this platform or the decisions made within that platform. Then, for example, you can select the new features you want to deploy first or where to invest.

Anyway, for those who want to invest in Metaverse through cryptocurrencies, of course, the main thing is, of course. Market capitalization Of each coveted company. Here are some options for the tokens used in the Metaverse:

NFT encryption

MANA (Decentraland)

Decentraland’s MANA tokens boast a market capitalization of approximately $ 6 billion. It clearly feeds the Decentraland Metaverse, Medium of exchange In the platform market.

AXS (Axie Infinity)

Rather, the Axie Infinity AXS token Governance... Therefore, the person who has it has the opportunity to vote on the various decisions proposed by the company. Of course, these affect the Axie Infinity ecosystem. The same is true for how funds from regional finance are used.

SAND (sandbox)

Like Roblox, The Sandbox content Generated by the user himself. Therefore, his tokens will be awarded to individuals participating in the Sandbox Alpha User Test. You can also buy it on a digital exchange. SAND tokens are both staking, governance, and utility tokens.

ENJ (engine coin)

Enjin is a blockchain game company.Its feature is to provide the whole to the user Panorama of experience Interconnected games. In addition, the ENJ token will, in a sense, be injected into all NFTs generated within that ecosystem. This will probably bring real value to digital assets.

A pretty interesting investment … but there are risks!

Currently, various companies specializing in Metaverse are spending Millions of dollars To attract the attention of consumers. Of course, this shows that investing in the Metaverse is very interesting.

However, like any other investment, there are certain risks. Whichever investment opportunity is chosen, No warranty That would actually bear fruit. Therefore, we do not give financial advice.