Investing in a new building in Ile de France: The program has resumed

Investing in stone, rather than paying for rent, is still the goal for many French people. Good news: 9 vacation programs. Building permits have been reopened, especially in Ile de France. Many opportunities have already emerged, even if housing starts have not yet returned to their pre-crisis pace. Therefore, according to the latest figures from Ile de France, DRIEAT (Directorate General for Environment, Planning and Transportation), housing starts in the third quarter of 2021 decreased by 7.3% compared to the same period. did. 2019 (15,100 homes launched in the third quarter of 2019).

Still, 14,000 new homes in Ile de France started in the third quarter of last year. The need for new housing is important, as Emmanuelle Wargon, the representative of the Minister of Housing, must remember. Quartus Résidentiel is one of the dynamic players in providing real estate projects tailored to the needs of Ile de France and other regions. The program meets the needs of municipal housing stock renewals in the regional departments (Hauts-de-Seine, Val-de-Marne, Eveline, Oise, Essonne, Seine-Emarne, Seine-Saint-Denis). They allow everyone to find their place, whether you are a student, a young worker or a parent. His home is also an opportunity for investors.

New purchase: many benefits

A new purchase offers many economic benefits and comfort.

New home: energy saving

Choosing a new Ile de France real estate in the event of a new environmental problem can reduce carbon dioxide emissions and save you money in the long run.

Beginning January 1, new homes will be required to comply with the new environmental regulations (RE2020) for new buildings that replace the old RT 2012 standard. Heating mode is installed.

All emissions of the building are taken into account from the construction stage to reduce the impact of the new building on the climate. For the people who live there, it is a guarantee of energy savings at all levels (heating, lighting, hot water, etc.).

Buildings should also be designed so that they do not get hot during periods of intense heat waves due to climate change.

New Home: Acoustic Standards

New homes are designed according to the latest standards for insulation and sound regulation, ensuring well-being not found in old homes.

The new home will also provide the latest home automation equipment and security requirements in terms of access.

New Home: Long Term Warranty

Many guarantees are also available in new homes.

  • Financial Completion Guarantee (GFA)
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Guarantee of perfect completion
  • Biennial warranty or proper function warranty
  • 10 year warranty
  • Sales guarantee.

For those who want to own a new apartment in Ile de France, the state has provided some assistance, whether they live or rent it. Investing in real estate will be more relevant in 2022 than ever before. Indeed, borrowing rates remain very low.

National aid for new purchases

This state aid can give a boost, especially for the first purchase:

  • Pinel devices have been expanded to 2024 with significant tax cuts. And even if they have to accept, the possible savings go from € 63,000 to € 42,000, and these tax cuts remain attractive to investors.
  • Homebuyers have access to other support schemes such as Zero Rate Loans (PTZ). It does not generate interest on the loan (it can account for 40% of real estate projects in Zone A and Area B1).
  • Another device is purchasing at a controlled price. It is conditional: only certain dwellings are eligible and it only concerns people with a modest income who are planning to live in the real estate they are trying to buy.