In the United States, the end of essential masks in transport between applause and discomfort-April 19, 2022 19:09

April 19, 2022 at Ronald Reagan Airport in Arlington, Virginia (AFP / Stefani Reynolds)

April 19, 2022 at Ronald Reagan Airport in Arlington, Virginia (AFP / Stefani Reynolds)

Masks, a preventative tool that sometimes causes fierce conflicts, have become an option for passengers, as well as American planes, Uber vehicles, and most public transport employees.

“Finally” shouts passengers on board Delta planes shortly after the pilot announces that the obligation to wear a mask on a full flight has been “immediately” lifted. twitter. Applause erupts.

Washington last week decided to extend its obligation to wear masks on public transport until at least May 3. However, a federal judge ruled on Monday that health officials overcame their privileges and urged the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to lift the requirement.

It didn’t take long for the new instructions to come down.

Major airlines in the country, which mostly mandated masks in the spring of 2020, lifted restrictions on Monday night, followed by railroad company Amtrak. VTC companies Uber and Lyft followed Tuesday morning.

Masks remain on the New York subway and buses for now. And the authorities overseeing the airport in New York did not immediately announce the change.

With the decline of Covid-19, increased vaccinations, and fatigue from wearing masks, local US authorities have gradually relaxed instructions over the last few months. But you still had to cover your face with public transport.


White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the judge’s decision was “disappointed” on Monday, and one of her assistants, Kevin Munoz, was on Tuesday on Tuesday, with Delta saying “normal seasonality.” I regret having certified Covid-19 as a virus.

However, the Joe Biden administration, which is declining in popularity as the November legislative election approaches, has not yet announced an appeal.

Some people are angry with these sudden changes.

Tatiana Prowell, a professor of oncology at the Johns Hopkins Health Center, said on Twitter that she received many messages from people with cancer immunodeficiency who were worried about traveling by air without masks.

“In addition to wearing an N95 mask, it is advisable to travel on less busy days / hours if possible,” she wrote, of the airline’s for allowing the mask to be removed in flight. He blamed “irresponsibility”.

According to a YouGov poll of 7,802 adults on April 18, just before the judge’s decision, 63% of respondents support the obligation to wear masks on public transport.

Aviation Staff Association-CWA is not taking a position on this issue because its members are divided on this issue, union president Sarah Nelson told CNBC on Tuesday.

Wearing a mask is a very sensitive subject for stewards and flight attendants who have had to deal with the resistance of many passengers for two years, and some become violent. The FAA, the US air transport safety agency, has reported 744 mask-related incidents since the beginning of this year.

“The crew is absolutely relieved, but some are really worried,” Sarah Nelson summed up.

All transports emphasize that anyone can continue to wear a mask, especially in the event of personal risk or high levels of Covid-19 infection in the area.

“We know that each one is more or less comfortable,” Lyft said in a message. Both drivers and passengers can “cancel any trip they don’t want”.