In Saint-Etienne, municipal investment is expected to increase in 2022.

A slightly lower amount of € 49.5 million will be allocated, slightly less than what was announced at the Dob (Budget Orientation Discussion) at the end of January, increasing the investment in the city of Saint-Etienne’s 2022 budget submitted to the city council on Monday. It increased by more than 7 million euros compared to 2021. This was offset by an increase in revenue, despite a significant increase in operating expenses.

Operating expenses will decrease from € 241.4 million in 2021 to € 245.051 in 2022.

Fortunately, we have the right to transfer.This tax related to real estate transactions that also benefit local governments such as departments and local governments must provide the recipe for the city of Saint-Etienne in 2022 “At an unprecedented level”, Said Nora Berroukeche, Deputy Mayor of Treasury. That is € 5.2 million or +1.6 million euros. “Results of our city’s attractiveness policy”I believe in the winners. But this is not the only increase in income announced in this primitive 2022 budget presented by the city council on Monday.

Tax revenues have increased by 1.8 million euros, for example, due to a 3.4% increase in the tax base as a result of the country (if the taxation of the Metropolitan France raises the tax rate, the tax rate from Saint-Etienne will be raised-Etienne Has not changed). In addition, as with the transfer from Saint-Etienne Metropole, state allocations have increased slightly. And in a practical way (+3.5 million €). However, this increase in revenue is primarily captured by operating expenses, which increase from € 241.4 million in 2021 to € 245.051 in 2022. Reinforcement determined by the city for the Category C index grid, Ségur de lasanté) and the health crisis, with salary increases (Euro 152 million, + 4%) associated with government decisions (revaluation of low wages).

Despite a new loan of € 24 million, debt is still declining a bit

A pandemic (+ 2.76% to € 82.115 million) that has also contributed to increased service costs.Always with this dominant uncertainty “The Ukrainian conflict has just opened a new front.”, Nora Berroukeche states that the city has decided to increase its investment in 2022 compared to 2021. The investment will range from € 42 million to € 49.4 million. “We must push this effort forward to maintain a certain level of economic activity that supports employment.”, Underline with KeynesianNoraBerroukeche. The purpose of the city hall is to invest a total of about 300 million euros in this mission. Therefore, depending on the progress of the project, the total can vary significantly from year to year, and equipment goals for 6 years or more will not suffer or actually accelerate.

This investment effort must be driven to maintain a certain level of economic activity that supports employment.

Deputy Mayor of Finance, Nora Berokeche.

It prevents, “We have decided to continue debt reduction, but this year at a slower pace we will have € 1.5 million to invest a little more.”Reminds me of Mayor Gaël Perdriau. The remaining debt capital amounts to € 255.6 million. Since 2014, debt reductions totaled € 90.3 million (including € 17.3 since 2020). But this year, € 24.6 million will need to be used to repay the loan. Therefore, this would actually invest these € 49.4 million. The amount was achieved, among other things, thanks to the reliance on new loans of € 24 million, but also to the net savings of € 8.95 million, an increase of nearly € 1 million in favor of self-financing. 16.9 M € will be devoted to heritage maintenance and 32.5 M € will be devoted to new projects. The majority listed them in the presentation: Find them here.

“The application of the mandate plan is slow”

Pierrick Courbon, elected to the opposition PS of the Saint-Etienne de Main Group, said: “Positive indicator”Despite the two-year crisis. “But the concern is energy issues, especially the cost of fluids, which is not well considered and is + 3.58% of the expected cost, which is far from the reality of the future. »» There is no doubt that elected civil servants need to accelerate their efforts to improve energy drinking. On the investment side “Improvement of self-financing makes it possible to improve the increase. We welcome this after blaming too little in 2021. Still, to borrow +4.5 million euros compared to 2021. It should be pointed out that it is heavily dependent. Inflation, rising prices need to make an investment outlook. Compared to a few years ago For the realization of an equivalent project. We are suffering from it, we can’t hold it against you. »»

Pierrick Courbon is more aggressive to the nature of the investment presented. “There was an exceptional two years, but the application of the mandate plan is slow. »» And opponents listing projects that are still pending or in preparation: Cancer Planning, Fighting Medical Desertification (without the start of Cosem), Continuing the Heart of History project (Charité, Boivin), “Radio prayer” In the Ursules parking lot, there is no progress on the transport brigade, Cité deselders 2. “Expansion, not the announced new school”Still Diagnosis of Coolio, No new gymnasium yet, “Without mentioning the bicycle race track”..

“You have to make a painful choice.”

On behalf of the group, in the age of ecology, Jean Duverger (Generation Ecology) emphasized: “The bidding committee is seeing a series of urgent demands for upward revisions to the originally planned prices, and there are concerns about shortages. Under these circumstances, if necessary, in terms of investment. You need to plan to reduce the wings and imagine that you can redirect them, because operating expenses will see their costs increase. »» In short, you will have to make painful choices.When “On our side, we hope that this does not sacrifice the city’s necessary and urgent adaptation to the upcoming climate constraints.” »»

We continue to have the courage to have an outdated vision of reality by denying the changes that are underway...

Jean Duverger, an elected member of the opposition group The Time of Ecology

This needs to be translated “Through a systematic study of energy savings, the resumption of renewable energy production in our area, especially through increased support and support to improve the insulation of Stephanowers and Stephanova’s homes … the equations to be solved are subtle. But the need to project yourself into a dangerous future leaves no room for hesitation...»» However, in the case of the group Le temps de l’Écologie, this obligation is not fulfilled by the proposed one. “We have the courage to have an outdated vision of reality by denying the changes that are going on. »»

“The opening of Kosem will be announced at the end of April.”

The majority of them have the difficulty of delays associated with the crisis, the weight of the specific research required for certain highly technical projects (such as Ursules and Couriot), not to mention the surprise of certain heritage. I remembered from the answer. However, there is also the fact that many ideas have come to fruition over a long period of time and she voluntarily spends time on many projects, such as Cœur deville, where she continues to consult and co-construct workshops.

Regarding fluids, Nora Berroukeche has designated that gas and electricity contracts will end at the end of 2022 and 2023, so they will remain price-blocked in the context of group purchases between Metropole and CCAS. doing. The cancer plan should go to him in May with the first announcement. Finally, health assistant Patrick Michaud announced an optimistic exchange with the promoter, whose opening was announced at the end of April, at the Cosem Health Center on Blanqui Street. Three left-wing opposition groups (Saint-Etienne de Maine, ecologist, and communist) voted against the 2022 budget.