IFF begins selection of annual “Green Finance” awards

“One Earth” …

(Boursier.com) — The International Financial Forum (IFF) has begun accepting applications for the annual IFF Global Green Finance Awards since June 5. World Environment Day …

The World Awards IFF Green Finance Fellowship reflects the theme of the day, “One Earth,” which emphasizes the need for change through political change and our choices to live in harmony with nature in a sustainable way. A green finance solution that accelerates the transformation of economic growth patterns and contributes to pollution prevention and management, combating climate change, as well as improving energy efficiency, saving energy and reducing emissions.

This year’s award is a global call for innovation and application practices in policy, systems, industry, services, technology and human resources development.

“The earth is our only home and we must protect its limited resources … unsustainable consumption and production are climate change, natural degradation, biodiversity loss and pollution. All of these issues intersect and overlap, which seriously jeopardizes the future of the planet. Natural resources are the foundation of most goods, services and facilities, and I It is the foundation that underpins our economy, but the linear “take make-throw” model is driving the global economy while consuming huge amounts. The amount of natural resources. Nature is in “emergency mode” and has little time left. “

To limit global warming to 1.5oC during this century We need to ensure that global annual greenhouse gas emissions are halved by 2030.

Economic and energy crisis

However, because the influence of the pandemic continues COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) In the last 3 years And the recent intense geopolitical turmoil around the world, The world’s economies are slipping into the brink of economic and energy crises. We must take urgent action to deal with the imminent crisis. However, this all requires strong financial support …

Faced with the two challenges of climate change and the global economic crisis, green finance has become a solid tool for countries around the world to pursue. Many pioneering practices and attempts have been made in terms of policy, systems, industry and human resource development. To promote green growth and sustainable development, it is important to promote these successful good practices globally and accelerate the spread of green finance.

Global Green Finance Award Launched by IFF in 2020, it will be reviewed by a panel of 25 globally influential and prestigious financial leaders and the financial and environmental industry elite. In 2022, this award will include 10 innovation awards for innovative projects and 10 annual awards for institutions …

The Annual Institution Award is for sustainable development of the world, region or country through green finance practices such as achieving carbon peaks and carbon neutrality, tackling climate change and climate change, and protecting biodiversity. Awarded to institutions that have made outstanding contributions. The green finance activities of financial institutions must be sustainable and profitable.


Innovation Awards for Innovative Projects are awarded to demonstrating projects Significant innovation in the field of green financeEspecially those that contributed significantly to the achievement of peak carbon and carbon neutrality, Address climate change and promote biodiversity conservation.

Institutions that promote the development of green finance and carry out activities that generate real profits can apply for this award, including public, private and non-profit organizations.

“Finance is a resilient and effective tool for promoting sustainable development, and green finance is set to play an increasingly important role. Winner of the IFF Global Green Finance Innovation Awards. Are pioneers, initiators, and supporters of the green and low carbon industries. “They guide the flow of green investment into the sustainability sector,” he said. Han Seung-soo, chairman of the Julie Commission, co-chairman of the IFF, 56th chairman of the UN General Assembly, and former Prime Minister of South Korea, said.

“The IFF Global Innovation Awards in Green Finance will continue to drive the development of green finance and support a sustainable world of common interests for humankind.”

The IFF has been praised by the United Nations and several international organizations and is widely recognized for its important role in facilitating the practice of green and sustainable development by financial institutions.

Actively participate

The annual report and CSR report issued by Chinese financial institutions in 2022 were published by Bank of China, China Securities, Bank of China Postal Savings Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Qingdao Bank, Industrial Bank, Huaxia Bank and others. It is awarded to the general public as an important achievement in fulfilling social responsibility strictly and actively developing green finance.

The IFF Global Green Finance Awards not only facilitate the practice of green finance by financial institutions, but also play an active role in helping local governments implement their dual carbon goals.

The International Financial Forum (IFF) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit international organization founded in Beijing in October 2003 by financial leaders of G20 countries, emerging markets, and international organizations including China and the United States. .. European Union and United Nations, World Bank and IMF. IFF has long been a high-level platform for dialogue and communication, and financial research networks, and has been promoted to F20 (Finance 20) status.