Hundreds of feminist activists oppose entry into the Damian Abbado administration accused of rape by two women

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10:44 pm : 3 / This observatory was created after shared, vigilant, and transpartisan observations. Despite some efforts, political parties and nations continue to fail to protect their victims. There is no global support for this issue.

10:43 pm : 2 / Big Scoop: The co-founder of the observatory is an activist and / or elected official who has been involved in politics. Given the subject, this is very logical. We talk about what we know.

10:42 pm : For the past few days, some “well-informed” tweeters have wanted to see the invisible hand of LFIs or “extreme left-wing pharmacies” about our words and actions in our approach. increase. Since there are few updates ⬇️🙂

10:42 pm : Good evening @guizmo..The Observatory of Sexist and Sexual Violence in Politics is an association established in February, whose purpose is “Promote women’s status in public life and support and promote behavior aimed at combating sexist and sexual violence.” In this article, we return to the purpose of this structure, but also to its role in the proceedings against Damian Abbado, Minister of Solidarity, accused by two women of sexual violence.

The five founders are EELV elected to the Paris Council, Matildevio, acting on behalf of the Socialist Mayor of Lilas (Seine-Saint-Denis) Madelineda Silva, and acting on behalf of LFI Danielle Obono and Francoirfin, the Senate and former Socialist Prime Minister Bernard Kaznoub. Fiona Texeia, who served the Cabinet and journalist Elene Gutany. On Twitter, the association released “latest information” this morning for those who blamed him. “Instrumentalization”.

10:30 pm : The new points of the news are:

Hours before the Mediapart article was published, Matignon was informed that Damian Abbado, who was about to be appointed Minister of Solidarity at the time, was the subject of sexual violence charges.

Hundreds of women gathered in Paris at the end of the afternoon to protest their entry into the Damian Abbado administration, which was accused of rape by two women. The event was hosted by the Observatory of Gender-Based Sexual Violence in Politics (OVSSP). “Government of shame”.. Follow our live.

Where is the Russian attack in Ukraine after three months of combat?Russia has expressed its determination to achieve “All his goals” Domestically, Kyiv continued to demand more material from his supporters to resist the attackers. To clarify the situation, Luc Lacroix, a correspondent for France Television in Russia, has answered your question.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga bowed in tears after losing his final match against Norwegian Casper Ruud in the first round of the French Open. His compatriot Hugo Gaston beat Australia’s Alex de Minaur.

8:27 pm : #ABAD Matignon, according to our information, knew the content of the accusation against Damien Abad hours before the Mediapart article was published.

7:27 pm : Gerald Dalmanin, Damian Abbado, Rally St. Augustine in opposition to the appointment of Eric DuPont Moretti within the new government-Moretti #Darmanout @NousToutesOrg #MeTooPolitique

7:02 pm : At least 300 people gathered at San Augustine Square at the call of #MeeTooPolitique. After alleged rape against him, they demand Damian Abbado’s resignation. @Politis_fr

7:02 pm : RParliament is underway in Paris from 6 pm. Observatory of sexist and sexual violence in politics.Demonstrators and demonstrators protest Damian’s appointment Bad for the Minister of Solidarity post, the latter has been blamed by two women for sexual violence. Denying the fact that he has been accused, the minister claims to be innocent and refuses to leave his post. This is an image of the mobilization shared by the site’s journalists on Twitter.

11:57 : “I have never received an EELV card, but I am very confident about climate change and biodiversity.”Améliede Montchalin, Minister of New Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion.

11:14 am : 🗣 Eric Zemmour says RN’s goal is to “kill” him ➡️ “Eric Zemmour spent eight months trying to prevent Marine Le Pen from qualifying in the second round. You don’t have to be a bad loser. Marine Le Pen is an opposition party. I’m a leader. “Jordan Valdera says.

11:20 am : “Our goal is to have RN’s agent everywhere. I tell the French:” Don’t leave Emmanuel Macron to do everything. “, Jordan Bardere says. RN’s acting president also worked on Eric Zemmour and made him “Painful loser”.

11:10 am : “Judges have to interveneAfter rape accusations against Damian Abbado, the new Minister of Home Affairs, pleads with Energy Conversion Minister Agnes Pannier Lunacher. Neither you nor I judge this situation. The presumption of innocence is one of the pillars of our society. “

10:53 : “The first measure announced by Madame Bourne is social damage.”

Clemens Gette, a legislative candidate for the New People’s Eco-Socialist Union, described the new government of Elizabeth Borne. “correct”.

10:29 : Why are NUPES Alliance candidates not listed that way?

09:37 : “My mission is to get France out of fossil fuels.”

The new minister of energy conversion “On the ecology side of the solution, not the ecology of the illusion”..

09:07 : 🗣 “We need to give an example. His choice of appointment is a very bad sign for victims of gender-based and sexual violence,” said @Clemence_Guette about the Damian Abbado case. 📺 # franceinfo channel 27

09:08 : Clemence Gette, a legislative candidate for the New People’s Eco-Social Union, believes France Info that Damien Abad has no place in the government after accusations of rape against him.

09:01 :It’s nine o’clock. We make a new point in the news of the day:

The war in Ukraine has been going on for three months. What are the possible scenarios for the coming weeks? The answer to this article.

Public Health According to a press release from France, three confirmed cases of monkeypox have been recorded in France.

• Medvejev and Tsitsipas join the battle and 15 French are on the court … Discover the program of the day in Porto de Tuille.

• # ABAD “Lourdingue”, “instistent” : Some Republicans explain Damien Abad’s improper behavior.

09:33 : Hello @ Bernard.. In France, the legislative election takes place on Sunday, June 12th and 19th. Meanwhile, the first election will be held on June 4, 2022 in the Americas and Caribbean countries, and on June 5, 2022 in other parts of the world (excluding France). The second round will be held on June 18, 2022 in the Americas and the Caribbean Sea, and on June 19, 2022 in other parts of the world (excluding France). In addition, French people living overseas will be able to vote on the Internet. Voting dates are different. The first round is from May 27th to June 1st, 2022, and the second round is from June 10th to 15th, 2022.

08:56 : Hello FI. Would you please confirm the date of the legislative election? All media, including you, show June 12th and 19th. However, the official government website announces June 5th and 19th! Since I am abroad, I can also vote for the second round on the internet from June 10th. That is, before the first round you announce!

08:40 : Labor Minister Olivier Dusopt has designated the government as an RTL “goal” Indexing of retirement pensions against inflation “Valid from the July pension, paid on August 9th.”

08:31 : “This is a very heavy bill that continues to block food checks, tariff shields, prices, and is three times the Macron bonus of participation, profit sharing and employee dividend schemes.

A government spokesman revealed that there was a claim for purchasing power, “Maybe even two”, Moon “Attachment text to implement treasury and other types of measures that result in financial measures”.

08:30 : The Purchasing Power Bill will eventually be submitted to the Council of Ministers, not before the June legislative election.

07:46 : “Rurudinge”, “Insistent”Flat “Move”… Some Republicans explain Damian Abad’s improper behavior after two women accused rape in Mediapart about the facts dating back to 2010 and 2011. testimony.

06:17 : In the face of accelerating inflation, the Minister of Economy called on companies capable of raising wages to be at a disadvantage to the general rise during a meeting in Bercy with employers’ organizations.

07:25 : It’s 6 o’clock. We make the first point in the news of the day:

The war in Ukraine has been going on for three months. Russian troops are currently concentrating their attacks on the last stand pocket in the Luhansk region of Donbas. “The next few weeks of war will be difficult.”Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned last night.

Who is running for your constituency in the next legislative elections on June 12th and 19th? Thanks to our search engine, the answer is just a click. it’s simple. Enter your address in the bar of the article and click on the magnifying glass to see the list.

• Medvejev and Tsitsipas join the battle and 15 French are on the court … Discover the program of the day in Porto de Tuille.

Damian Abbado was accused of rape by two women “Innocent” I have no plans to resign. The new minister speaks to the press from Ain at the end of the afternoon, where he is a candidate for a legislative election.