His financial donation to the fallen party, excluded from the second round

Jean Lassalle Results: Excluded from Round 2 and His Donations to Corrupted Political Parties

LASSALE. Jean Lassalle won more than 1.1 million votes in the 2022 presidential election. In his second participation, the Béarn elected official performed much better than in 2017, but did not get enough scores to repay the campaign costs.

At the end of the first round of the 2022 presidential election, Candidate Resiston finished with 3.1% of the votes and was ranked 7th out of 12 candidates. In the last presidential election, Jean Lassalle received only 1.21% of the votes. For this loud and open character, always on the bus during this campaign to protect the countryside territory and the voice of the “people” (especially remembering his speech about the health pass and the yellow vest) The tour of France was not in vain and was able to exceed 1.1 million supporters. At the end of the evening speech on Sunday, April 10, the candidate indicated that he would not give instructions to vote in the second round of the presidential election.

“Bravo” and “three or more!” Thunder are ringing. Candidate Jean Lassalle began his speech on Sunday evening, April 10, and met with his supporters at a restaurant in Paris when the results of the first round were announced. In a relaxed context, jokes flowed and he wanted to thank all those who “trusted” him in this “difficult election.” He praised the member’s “resistance”, the French “smiley and shining” expression that wanted to be “reborn”. He was impressed, “I will never forget this magnificent day,” alongside the “real French team.” “What was fun on this bus!” He launched in connection with his tour of the country “to meet the French” during the campaign. He said he was “listening” to those who thought the country’s “public expression” was “no place.” For him, getting on this bus was “necessary” because “I couldn’t speak in the media”.

“We can’t continue to Americanize like we do,” he continues, believing that “big money” is “nothing to do” with the top of the major French media, but “polling agency” is next. Deserves to be disbanded. As soon as possible. He then talked about the rhetoric we are familiar with, the “manipulation,” “instrumentation,” and “formation of the finals” in the second round by the “great leader.” Meanwhile, he did “no mania” and immediately thanked the mayor of France for “sponsoring” him. “The mayor still believes in our magnificent country,” he enthusiastically said, not only on the “territorial” French “reconstruction” project, but also on his programs, including investment in research and renewable energy. We also talked about the priorities found in. Review of the system as well as energy and health.

“We will vote for the blank until people have fully regained their power. It’s their fault”, “We will carry out the changes that should be carried out.” In a press release on April 11, he explained to himself that “there is nothing more shocking than thinking that French people can’t choose for themselves.” “It’s as if we weren’t free and responsible citizens in this area,” he wrote. “I leave it to those who trust me in their free choice on Sunday, April 24th,” he specified to “vote for the blank.” Therefore, for Jean Lassalle, leaving the choice to voters is a matter of his belief in his ethics and the virtues of blank voting, rather than the desire to turn to one of the candidates.

Only the four parties that ran in the first round of the election were able to get more than 5% of the votes cast and get almost full repayment of the campaign costs. Therefore, the other eight candidates, especially PS and LR, who have invested heavily in this campaign, as well as EELV, are in financial difficulty.This is Jean Lassalle on Monday, April 11th

Devant les difficultés financières du PS, LR et EELV, @ResistonsFrance a décidé de faire un don équivalent à chacun d’eux afin de respecter le principe d’égalité qui m’est si cher et qui a prévalu tout au long de cette campagne…
« On a souvent besoin d’un plus petit que soi »???? pic.twitter.com/HIV7Alfmsq

— Jean Lassalle (@jeanlassalle) April 11, 2022

” target=”_blank”>Twitter account : “In the face of financial difficulties in PS, LR and EELV, Résistons! Is very important to me and make equal donations to each to respect the principles of equality prevailing throughout this campaign. I have decided. “. Ironically, before adding that “we often need someone smaller than ourselves,” especially with a higher score than the socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo, who received only 1.7% of the votes. Valerie Pécrès during a speech on the evening of April 10 in connection with a call for donations by Yannick Jadot.