GOALCD Accounting in Press Releases on Offer Offering and Information Related to Characteristics, especially Legal, Treasury, and UCAR Share Open Bid Offer Framework-22/06/2022 at 08:57

In connection with the provision of notes and information related to the characteristics of GOA LCD in certain laws, finances, and accounting.

Within the framework of a bid to acquire UCAR shares

Paris, June 22, 2022 / PR Newswire /-

Started by


Provided by

Rothschild Martin Mole

Presentation and Guarantee Bank

Offer price


€ 59.15 per UCAR share

Offer period:

10 trading days

The timing of the offer will be determined by the Autorité des marchés lender (”


“) According to the provisions of the general rules

Important Notices

When the number of UCAR shares increases due to this public offering in accordance with the provisions of Article L.433-4II of the Financial Law and Article 237-1 of the AMF General Regulations. If not presented by a minority shareholder (excluding treasury stock held by UCAR and free stock subject to the liquidity mechanism), GOALCD will not exceed 10% of UCAR’s capital and voting rights, so GOALCD will tell AMF: I will ask you to do that. Within 3 months after the end of the offer, a squeeze-out will be conducted to transfer UCAR shares not presented in this tender offer (excluding treasury stock held by UCAR and free shares subject to liquidity). increase. Mechanism), subject to a reward equal to the unit price of this Tender Offer (ie € 59.15 per UCAR share), we are fresh.

This press release is from GOA LCD (“”


”) Follow the provisions of Articles 231-27, 2 ° and 231-28 of the AMF General Regulations.

In accordance with Articles L.621-8 of the Financial Law and Articles 231-23 of its General Regulations, AMF shall have a visa number of ° 22-232 dated June 21, in accordance with the compliance decision of June 21, 2022. I’ve attached. 2022 (“Information Note” made by the Tender Offeror in the context of the Tender Offer for UCAR Shares



In accordance with Sections 231-28 of the AMF General Regulations, information regarding the legal, financial and accounting characteristics of the Tender Offeror was submitted to and updated with AMF on June 21, 2022. It was released today.

This information and the prospectus approved by AMF are available on the UCAR (www.ucar.fr) and AMF (www.amf-rance.org) websites and are available free of charge.


278 Boulevard Saint-Germain

75007 Paris

Rothschild Martin


29 Mesina Avenue

75008 Paris

Prior to the start of the offer, AMF will issue a notice of opening and Euronext Paris will issue a notice announcing the terms and the start of the offer.


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