GECI INTERNATIONAL: 2021/2022 Annual Revenue for Fiscal Year-May 16, 2022 6:00 pm

GECI INTERNATIONAL confirms a return to growth with annual sales growth of 7.6% from 2021 to 2022.

Digital and technology specialist GECI International returned to growth between 2021 and 2022, with annual sales growth (+ 7.6%) and continued commercial development in the second half of the fiscal year.

This year’s highlights


GECI International achieved consolidated sales of € 17.9 million for the fiscal year (April 2021 to March 2022), + 7.6% (+ 8.7% at a constant exchange rate) compared to the previous fiscal year. And especially recorded growth of + 15.4%. In the second half of the year, we achieved our goal of returning to competitive growth.

This commercial dynamics is driven by strong growth in Brazil, steady progress in high performance computing (HPC), and the dynamism of financial-only infrastructure IT. These developments offset the slowdown in activity and the decline in outsourcing activity in South Africa, where the Group decided to withdraw. In this way, the Group confirms that the offers with the greatest potential and the strategic refocusing on the gradual luxury market are proceeding smoothly.

As of March 31, 2022, the Group’s consolidated sales are divided into France (75.2%), Brazil (22.9%) and South Africa (1.8%). Taking into account the devaluation of the Brazilian real against the euro in the 2021 and 2022 fiscal years, the impact of a negative exchange rate of 200,000 euros in Brazil, or 1.1% of sales, is taken into account.

As of the end of March 2022, the group’s total workforce was 439, compared to 392 at the end of March 2021, or + 12.0%. Throughout the year, the Group continued to strengthen its international network of recruitment, commercial and technical partners.

Evolution of sales


After withdrawing from the automotive sector in 2020, the Group redefined its business activities during the fiscal year into two key areas of activity.



High Performance Computing, Infrastructure IT, Cyber ​​Security Offering,



Offers from telecom, engineering, solutions and smart product experts.

(Under review)

April 21st-March 22nd

(12 months)

April 20th-March 21st

(12 months)


€ m

% It

€ m

% It








+ 0.0%






+ 15.4%

Annual sales





+ 7.6%

Center of activity






+ 4.6%






+ 12.0%

Annual sales





+ 7.6%

Geographical area






+ 0.8%






+ 79.2%

South Africa







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N / S

Annual sales





+ 7.6%

The digital sector (€ 10.3 million, or 57.5% of annual revenue) increased by + 4.6% compared to the previous year. The decline in infrastructure IT activity and the refocusing of cybersecurity activities on consulting services was driven by strong HPC activity performance (+ 7.1%) and strong growth in financial activity (+ 30.9%), which regained market share second. It was offset. Half a year with major subscribers.

The technology sector (€ 7.6 million, or 42.5% of annual revenue) is up + 12.0% compared to the previous year. The strong earnings growth of the Brazilian subsidiary (+ 88.7% at constant exchange rates) is based on the development of major contracts in the telecommunications sector signed in December 2020, offsetting declining activity, especially in South Africa. I am.

economic situation


The Group continues to improve its financial position through:

(I) Strengthen the presence with major customers with higher value-added offers.

(Ii) Continuous reduction of overhead cost structure and significant increase in average daily billing rate.

(Iii) Debt reduction policies, especially with the use of ORNAN financing


(Bonds redeemable in cash and / or new shares).

These financings were signed in September 2020, followed by trust-managed “fair” bond financing.


Signed in July 2021, it enabled a continuous capital increase of € 7.3 million, contributing to the Group’s capital buildup at the end of March 2022. During the 2021-202 fiscal year, we raised € 4.2 million, including 1.3. € 1 million for conversion of 125 ORNANs and € 2.9 million for equity conversion of 2,944 bonds that can be converted into shares (including issuance premium). This funding has allowed the Group to fulfill its short-term and medium-term obligations, maintain its financial position and secure its activities.

The Group’s net financial obligations at the end of the fiscal year were € 7.6 million (audited figures), including € 8.4 million in financial obligations and € 800,000 in cash, compared to the previous year. Compared to this, it decreased by 20.4% (9.6 million euros).



Despite the relatively complex times, the GECI International Group has succeeded in growing in the IT infrastructure business, especially in the financial sector, high performance computing activities, and telecommunications, especially in Brazil. The current business is fundamentally booming in an environment of high technological and digital strength and should continue to grow by acquiring new customers and signing new contracts during the 2022-2023 fiscal year. is.

At the same time, the Group will seize new opportunities, enhance professional offerings and enhance the potential for innovation to develop technological capabilities. From this perspective, the Group is exploring the use of several emerging technologies in the areas of intelligent services and products by expanding its international partnerships.

Especially in Israel, traffic jams in cities and roads and “smart cities around the world”. Creating a proof of concept allows the GECI International Group to demonstrate the feasibility of these innovations and enter new potential markets.

GECI International is confident in its return to the future and growth through the fusion of digital and technology activities, the spirit of innovation that has been characteristic of the Group since its inception, international recruitment capabilities and the acquisition of complex projects.

Next meeting


2021/22 annual settlement, July 22, 2022 after market closure.

Availability of the July 29, 2022 annual financial report after market closure.

About GECI International


“Smart solutions for the smart world”

Founded in 1980, GECI International is a group specializing in digital and technology. Since its inception, GECI International has continued to innovate with leading industry and service companies, providing services, solutions and intelligent products to customers, key accounts, small businesses and start-ups. The group has a global network of technical partners and skills, providing integrated and competitive solutions for finance, services, industry and research.

GECI International is listed on the Euronext Gross Paris market. ISIN code (shared): FR0000079634 – ALGEC.

contact address


GECI International-For Investors

like that. : +33 (0) 1 46 12 00 00 / [email protected]

CALYPTUS Agency-Cyril Combe

like that. : +33 (0) 1 53 65 68 68 /[email protected]


With the approval of the extraordinary General Assembly on 12 November 2020, the Group will issue up to 1,000 ORNANs reserved for YA II PN, Ltd on the same day for a net nominal total of up to 9.3 million euros. Raised funds. .. During the year, 125 ORNANs were converted and 91,666,666 new strains were created. On March 7, 2022, the group created 50 additional ORNANs, which were fully converted in May 2022. These conversions created 83,333,332 new shares. The remaining ORNAN is 550, which is equivalent to a total of 5.5 million euros.


With the approval of the extraordinary general meeting on June 23, 2021, the Group, on the other hand, began public offering of bonds (“OC”) that can be converted into shares for a net amount of up to € 2,595,000 in June 2021. Did. On the other hand, (i) a management trust will be set up for the benefit of the CB holder who contributed the CB to the trust, and (ii) the so-called “stocking” mechanism of the CB will be set up by issuing shares. Stock subscription rights (“BSA”) for the benefit of the trust. Depending on the exercise conditions, the transferred CB can be converted into shares. A total of 2,944 CBs were stocked, and over the course of six months, 405,470,197 new stocks were created corresponding to the total stocking of CBs.

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