French justice issues an international arrest warrant against Carlos Ghosn, who claims his innocence

Carlos Ghosn in Jounieh, northern Lebanon, September 29, 2020
Carlos Ghosn (ANWAR AMRO / AFP / Archives) in Jounieh, northern Lebanon, September 29, 2020

French law enforcement officials arrest Carlos Ghosn, a former boss of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, who now lives in Lebanon and claimed innocence on Friday, in the face of alleged misuse of corporate assets, money laundering and corruption. Issued a letter.

The 68-year-old Franco-Lebanese-Brazilian, who was to be tried in Tokyo for financial embezzlement, has lived in Beirut since his incredible flight from Japan at the end of 2019.

The warrant issued Thursday as part of the Nanterre investigation is worthy of prosecution and is a powerful message sent to the Lebanese authorities. Lebanese authorities have banned Mr. Gone from traveling without handing over the people. If this mission is carried out, the former CEO will be presented to the judge in Nanterre, who will notify him of the indictment.

From a justice perspective: Approximately 15 million between RNBV, a Dutch subsidiary that embodies the Renault-Nissan Alliance, and a distributor of Suhal Bahwan Automobiles (SBA), a French car maker in Oman. Euro payment was considered suspicious.

In addition to those targeting Carlos Ghosn, the investigative judge in charge of the investigation issued four international arrest warrants against the founder of the SBA, the latter two sons, and the former general manager.

Justice blames them for acts of money laundering or corruption.

Carlos Ghosn in court in Tokyo on June 24, 2019
Carlos Ghosn (Kazuhiro Nogi / AFP / Archive) who appeared in court in Tokyo on June 24, 2019

A judicial inquiry conducted against X by the Nanterre Public Prosecutor’s Office in February 2020 was expanded to those responsible for “corruption” in July last year, especially due to the abuse of corporate assets and money laundering.

– “No diversion” –

“There was no misappropriation. All the money paid to this distributor is based on confirmed contracts, proven performance and requests from Renault and Nissan sales managers,” said Friday on BFMTV’s Mike. Carlos Ghosn said that night.

“Pennys from Renault and Nissan weren’t given me unjustly, either directly or indirectly (…) If there was evidence, it would have already been leaked to the press,” Gone added. I did. Omani distributor qualified as Renault and Nissan boss. “

In this case, the Renault Group, which has never spoken since February 2020, “keeps in mind the decision of the Justice of the Peace,” told AFP lawyer MeKami Haeri.

“This is largely explained by the seriousness of the new facts revealed after a scrutiny revealing the hidden financial relationship between Carlos Ghosn and the founders and SBA executives, including millions of euros. It’s a step, “he added.

In this case, the court also suspects that Mr. Ghosn personally benefited from the sponsorship agreement between Renault and the facility that manages the Palace of Versailles, by organizing two private organizations there.

Carlos Ghosn held in Beirut on January 8, 2020
Carlos Ghosn (JOSEPH EID / AFP / Archives) held in Beirut on January 8, 2020

On his side, Suhail Bahwan, the founder of Omani’s company SBA, has formally denied having participated in any form of the crime subject to the arrest warrant issued to him by the Nanterre Court. I told AFP. Christ wing rain.


Carlos Ghosn has been the target of Japan’s arrest warrant and Interpole’s red notice at Japan’s request, forcing him to stay in Lebanon hidden in an audio equipment box since he fled the Japanese archipelago in December 2019. it was done.

“I seem to think I’m free (…) I rely on Lebanese justice. It’s her who forbids me to leave the territory,” he said, “coming to France someday. I remembered the former big boss who wanted to be able to do it. “That good cooperation between France and Lebanon will eventually put an end to this nightmare.”

Respected as a business giant in Lebanon, he teaches at the Holy Spirit University (USEK) in Kaslik near Beirut, but keeps it unobtrusive in the media.

Arrested in Tokyo in November 2018, he justified his escape by claiming he wanted to “escape fraud” and condemning the “conspiracy” by Japanese authorities.

To carry out their investigation, the French Justice of the Peace had already traveled to Beirut twice.

Last February, Justice of the Peace in Nanterre interviewed two witnesses there. Last June, they, along with a Parisian justice of the peace, proceeded to a five-day free hearing with Mr. Gone for a survey of Mr. Gone in Nanterre and Paris.

The investigation in Paris is of interest to the consulting services RNBV has signed between former French Justice Minister Rashidadati and criminologist Alain Bauer. In this case, “in progress” and “no arrest warrant” were issued to Mr. Gone, judicial sources told AFP.

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