Former Renault boss absent from a new convocational conference in France

Carlos Ghosn held in Beirut on January 8, 2020
Carlos Ghosn (JOSEPH EID / AFP / Archives) held in Beirut on January 8, 2020

Carlos Ghosn, a former Renault boss, did not go to a recent summons of a Parisian investigative judge in charge of investigating a contract signed by a Renault-Nissan subsidiary, AFP learned Wednesday.

This absence of Carlos Ghosn, justified by banning leaving Lebanon, was issued by a French court in a second arrest warrant after a judge in Nantes issued the first warrant on April 21, last year. Paved the way.

In France, Mr. Ghosn has been the subject of two instructions in two investigations in which Renault is the Citizen’s Party in Paris and Nanterre.

In Paris, an investigative judge summoned Mr. Ghosn for his first cross-examination on May 19 for a consulting service signed by RNBV, a Dutch subsidiary that embodied the Renault Alliance. Minister of Justice Rachida Dirty and criminologist Alain Bauer.

Mr Ghosn did not attend this subpoena.

“Our clients are judicially prohibited from leaving Lebanon’s territory. This situation is well known to French judges,” responded to one of his lawyers, Me Jean Tamalet. did.

I was contacted, but neither Renault nor the lawyer wanted comment.

At the end of 2019, Ghosn, a French, Brazilian and Lebanese national, fled Japan for worsening financial misappropriation and fled to Lebanon, a country that does not hand over its people. In Beirut, he was banned from leaving Lebanon and saw his passport withdrawn as investigations and Japanese missions targeted him.

In Paris, justice was a particularly convenient job to see if Mrs. Dirty’s income corresponded to a particular activity, or to be able to hide lobbying in the European Parliament, which is banned by MPs. I would like to know if you are.

On July 21, Mr. Dirty was charged with “corruption and selection of passive influence by authorized persons” and “concealment of breach of trust” in the then-elected European Parliament.

Dirty disagrees with these proceedings. This also suggests that third parties have played an active role in corruption. At the Interrogation of Mr. Dirty and the free hearing of Carlos Ghosn in Lebanon in the spring of 2021, the inspector seems to have nominated a former car tycoon.

In an investigation into him in Nanterre, the investigative judge told Carlos Ghosn on April 21, 2012-2017. Four employees of Suhal Bahwan Automobiles (SBA), an Omani distributor, are also subject to the warrant.

A powerful message sent by French justice to the Lebanese authorities, this mission is the culmination of difficult judicial cooperation between the two countries after several attempts to record accusations against Carlos Ghosn. Therefore, Nanterre’s Justice of the Peace summoned the latter in vain and traveled to Beirut twice.

According to Lebanese judiciary, after receiving a red notice from Interpol, a Lebanese judge will ask Mr Ghosn and send him the evidence alleged against the latter to a French judge at the end of May. I asked. On Wednesday, the Nanterre Public Prosecutor’s Office told AFP that it had “not received an official request.”