Food Voucher 2022: Who will be affected? When ?

Food Voucher 2022: Who will be affected? When ?

Food check. Government composition must be revealed this Friday afternoon. One of the priorities is the introduction of food vouchers.

[Mise à jour du vendredi 20 mai 2022 à 10h39] Will the government immediately reveal the conditions for awarding food vouchers? Elizabeth Born, nAppointed prime minister May 16th This Friday afternoon, we need to clarify the composition of the government, which is one of its purchasing powers. Priority project. of April 2022Reached inflation + 4.8% in one yearEspecially due to the economic recovery after the coronavirus health crisis. VSThis tendency isThe war in Ukraine, which began earlier this year, has led to an increase in raw materials, especially agricultural raw materials.

Food check was one of the main promises of Emmanuel Macron’s campaign. Recipients of food vouchers must be able to purchase fresh vegetables and fruits from local producers. However, since the re-election of the head of state The method of allocation and the amount of food check is not yet Was announced While he wants the text of the law to be implemented promptly After the legislative election.The amount of food check 30-60 eurosProbably in the form of a check or bank transfer.

Food check is a device that has been announced since Mid December 2020 By Emmanuel Macron. It was proposed by the citizens of the Citizens Convention for Climate and was taken up by the President of the Republic. This bill was decisively adopted in the Climate and Resilience Act, July 2021.. Food checks should promote short circuits and local products. Discussions are still underway to outline this new financial aid.

What is the condition of the food voucher? for whom ?

Food check Financial support For home use Most modest..It should be possible for these householdsAccess to high quality local products.. The food check is “Over 8 million French“According to Julien Denormandie, Minister of Agriculture and Food, a guest of the Dimancheenpolitique program in France 3 on April 17th.

For the time being, food voucher quotas remain unknown. Nevertheless, some paths have already been mentioned: financial resources caps, household constitutions, etc.Agriculture minister is more inclined Support for young people and low-income households.. Food vouchers must be provided in the form of a fixed amount of check or card each month.

When is the payment date for the food voucher?

The creation of food vouchers was announced in the month of December 2020 During the coronavirus health crisis. Emmanuel Macron made this announcement prior to the Civil Climate Treaty.The implementation of food vouchers was discussed and voted in parliament in the month July 2021.. Food voucher Climate and Resilience Law.. The bill has not yet been submitted to Congress, so the payment date for the food check is not yet known.

Who distributes food vouchers: CAF or CCAS?

The distribution conditions are not yet known. The organization responsible for distributing food checks has not yet been revealed. Certain paths have already been mentioned by the government. Preparing for launch When Emmanuel Macron is reelected for the second term.

When the device was voted in parliament, Bruno Le Mer of the Ministry of Economy said Outsource food check distribution At the Community Activity Center (CCAS). The latter already plays a decisive role in the most volatile homes.Thanks to the Joint Center for Social Behavior, the government was able to grant access to food vouchers. Over 5 million beneficiaries.. The citizens of the Citizens’ Council also mentioned this truck. Municipal social behavior centers provide several types of social benefits to the poorest households, in the form of in-kind or financial assistance.

Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF) will probably not be asked to distribute food vouchers. In fact, Caisse d’Allocations Familiales does not distribute food aid on a national scale.Only specific family allowance funds can be set Local food aid plan.. It is advisable to contact your nearest fund to find out about your financial resources and the food aid available depending on the circumstances of your family.

Is the food voucher for retirees?

Food checks should be targeted at the most discreet households where it is difficult to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the lowest-income pensioners should be able to: Benefit from food vouchers The amount has not yet been revealed.

The terms of the award have not yet been disclosed by the government. For the time being, we do not yet know which organizations may be beneficiaries, so we cannot take all necessary steps. Distribute food checks To the poorest household. In addition, Emmanuel Macron’s government has not yet revealed the “form” (bank transfer, check, or payment card) that food checks take.

You have to wait for the bill to be submitted-after the legislative election-to know all the details about food checks and The steps required to get it..

How much is the food voucher?

Food checks have not yet been carried out by the government. All conditions related to the amount of food check have not yet been disclosed. Nonetheless, some tracks have already been mentioned by elected representatives of the majority, such as La République en Marche’s adjutant Munir Majubi.The elected representative will provide a food voucher that includes that amount 30-60 euros per month and family.. A few weeks later, Julian Donormandy – Minister of Agriculture – 50 euros For food vouchers.However, the amount must be fixed About 60 eurosFor envelopes of Cost of 4-6 billion euros For the state.

This financial assistance should also be able to help farmers pay up to 85% of total food check..

Where can I use the food voucher?

The conditions for using the food voucher are unknown.Emmanuel Macron announces establishment Until the end of 2022 If you are re-elected for the second term.According to Julien Denormandie – Minister of Agriculture and Food – food vouchers are the poorest French familiesAccess “High Quality and Fresh Local Products”.. Food vouchers need to enable beneficiaries to purchase high quality fresh products as defined by the Egarimu Act, namely organic or labeled high quality fresh products that prioritize fruits and vegetables.

We do not yet know where to pay for food checks.