Financial Information for the First Quarter of 2022

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Financial information from 1Whenr 2022 quarter

  • Consolidated sales From 1er 202 quarters2
    of 2,34 € m, Stable as well
  • Maintaining sustainable rental activities

Paris Five May 202 2022 : MRM (Euronext Code ISIN FR00140085W6), a real estate company specializing in commercial real estate, today announced consolidated sales of 1.Whenr The 2022 quarter. It corresponds to the total rental income received during that period.

DotRental activity

Leasing activity continued to be strong for a Trimester.lease1 Signed with a total area of ​​2,500 m² is equivalent to a cumulative rent of 600,000 euros.

In particular, a rental agreement was signed with fitness brand On Air in January 2022 for installation on a medium-sized 2,000 m2 surface area in the Carré Vélizy mixed complex (Vélizy-Villacoublay) vacated by Office Dépôt. This lease came into effect on April 29, 2022.

Physical occupancy as of March 31, 20222 And financial occupancy2 Compared to the end of December 2021, it is stable at 90% and 88%, respectively.

EEvolution of sales

1 saleser The 2022 quarter reached € 2.34 million. In other words, it is a stable level compared to the quarter of Similarly for the 2021 quarter3..

As a result of the marketing success gained, MRM has benefited from A quarter of the full effect of the new lease signed in 2021 for Valentin Shopping Center (near Besancon), Ariaparc (Aronne) and Sud Canal (Saint-Quentin en Eveline). This positive effect is offset by temporary vacancies in medium-sized spaces that have been vacated within Carré Vélizy and have already been freed (see above). The effect of indexing is slightly positive.

Published data show that revenues are down 3.3% compared to one, taking into account the impact of the disposal of two non-strategic assets in October The 2021 quarter.

shapes Quarterly businesss
€ m
evolution Change in the same way1
Total rental income 2.34 2.42 -3.3% + 0.0%

(Unaudited data)

Dot on recovery

So far, 1 rent recovery rateer The 2022 quarter is 93%.

In addition, MRM continued to collect unpaid payments for fiscal year 2021. In total, the rent and fee collection rate after considering the rent exemption protocol contracted with the tenant increased from 92% on February 24, 2022. Up to 94% to date.

The latest information on financial status

MRM’s financial position remains sound and its balance sheet is strong. Following all bank debt refinancing operations in December 2021, the next significant repayment date is December 2028.

Recall that MRM has a € 6.4 million credit line aimed at contributing to new development investment and financing of aggressive CSR work.

Reverse stock split of MRM

Reverse stock split of MRMFourThe implementation of the above was decided by the Board of Directors on February 24, 2022, starting on March 21, 2022 and ending on April 20, 2022, the first day of listing of new shares.

The merger was carried out by exchanging 20 existing shares with a nominal value of 1 euro for 1 new share with a nominal value of 20 euros.

Our equity capital amounts to € 43,667,800. It is currently split into 2,183,390 shares of common stock, each with a par value of € 20.

The new stock is listed under the ISIN code FR00140085W6. The old stock identified by the ISIN code FR0000060196 has been deregistered. The mnemonic code (MRM) has not changed.


The operational priorities that MRM remains mobilized are:

• Research and develop investment programs to strengthen the assets that make up the current portfolio.

• Available surface marketing.

• Deploy ESG action plans and climate plans that we have adopted, with particular attention to reducing energy consumption.

• Dynamic management of asset portfolios by investigating potential acquisitions and disposals.

Based on its current portfolio (excluding acquisitions or disposals), MRM maintains a goal of a total annual net rent of more than € 10 million, assuming a 95% occupancy. The MRM recalls that this objective was confirmed on February 24, 2022, despite the disposition in 2021.


The shareholders’ meeting, which is required to approve the financial statements for the 2021 fiscal year, will be held on June 9, 2022.

2 salesth Quarterly and half 2022 results will be published on July 28, 2022 after the market closes.

To About MRM

MRM is a listed real estate investment company that owns and manages assets consisting of personal assets dispersed in several parts of France. The majority shareholder of MRM is SCORSE, which holds 59.9% of the capital. The MRM is listed in Section C of Euronext Paris (ISIN: FR00140085W6 – Bloomberg Code: MRM: FP – Reuters Code: MRM.PA). MRM selected SIIC system in 1er January 2008.

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1 New lease or renewal
2 Includes leases that have already been signed but have not yet entered into force as of March 31, 2022.
3 Changes on a similar basis are established by subtracting the rent generated by the assets sold in year n from the revenue published in year n-1.
4 The terms of this business combination are set forth in a notice issued March 2, 2022 to Bulletin des Annonces Légales Obligatoires and available in the Treasury / Shareholders section of the website

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