Fermentalg: Strong growth of activity

Fermentalg announced a commercial acceleration with 2021 sales of 5.65 ME, an increase of 156% due to the success of DHA Origins. Philippe Lavielle, CEO of Fermentalg, said: Short-term and medium-term finance Going beyond the current program, we have great potential for marine biology to develop new solutions that have a strong impact on CSR, respect the environment, and contribute to the construction of a healthier world. .. Earth and Biodiversity in Services Food and Human Health. “

Fermentalg made a large investment this year. On the technical side, the company has launched a program to expand and modernize its microbiology department. Fermentalg has the most modern and responsible technologies in terms of automation, high-throughput screening and computer-assisted microbiology, providing an ecological foot for R & D work while optimizing production processes and increasing the ability to develop new solutions. Reduce prints. At the industrial level, Fermentalg is committed to strengthening its ability to keep up with growth and controlling costs in situations where energy and raw material prices have risen unprecedentedly. Therefore, the company has undertaken key work to optimize its supply chain, and its structural benefits should be apparent from 2022, in line with its financial and non-financial ambitions.

The net loss for fiscal year 2021 was € 6.85 million, virtually the same level as the previous year. The operating loss before payment of stocks and fixed items was 8.42ME.

Fermentalg raised 30.2ME and repaid 5ME of bond debt during the fiscal year. Therefore, at the end of 2021, the company’s total cash was 26 ME, doubling in one year and total financial liabilities decreased from 15.8 ME to 9.6 ME. This debt consists primarily of repayable down payments (3.9 ME) and commitments with the Givaudan Group (3 MEs for convertible bonds and 1 ME for supplier advance payments) as part of the Blue Origins co-development partnership. increase. “Therefore, we have the financial resources needed to carry out the commercial acceleration phase of DHA Origins and the launch of Blue Origins,” Fermentalg commented.

In 2022, Fermentalg will continue to roll out innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to enable as many people as possible to benefit from microalgae. This requires clear and structured goals in each of the key areas of activity.

In the OMEGA 3s market, Fermentalg aims to accelerate the commercial expansion of DHA Origins and wants to maintain a growth dynamics comparable to that recorded in 2021. In particular, the desire to optimize the industrial carbon footprint.

In the field of colorants, the integration of DDW within the Givaudan Group will create the world’s second largest natural food colorants at the end of 2021 and enhance the potential for the partnership established by Fermentalg in 2020. I did. Blue Origin’s industrialization work is actively continuing between the two partners towards a new industrial milestone in the middle of the year. Within the framework of future production and distribution contracts, new opportunities for industrial and commercial cooperation are being opened with Givaudan. This year, we need to provide the first pre-commercial sample of new natural blue dyes to replace synthetic dyes.

Finally, CarbonWorks is entering a new dimension this year. Less than a year after its founding in the summer of 2021, a joint venture between Fermentalg and Suez, which specializes in the acquisition and use of CO2 (CCU), launched BNP Paribas Principal Investments, Bpifrance and Demeter in February last year. Collected and completed Series A 11ME. With the founder, Investment Manager through the Agrinnovation Fund and Aquiti Gestion through NACO in connection with the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

Thus, the young company has the means to demonstrate the technology to bioconvert CO2 captured at methanation sites into natural fungicides and prepare for the next stage of scale-up to semi-industrial scale next year. increase.