EUROAPI participates in SBF120 and CACMid60 indexes

Paris – (Business Wire) – Regulatory News:

EUROAPI (Paris: EAPI) has announced that it has been included in the SBF 120 index and joined the CACMid 60 index following a quarterly review of the Euronext Paris Index Science Council.

The SBF 120 Index is one of the leading indexes on the Paris Stock Exchange, including the top 120 listed on Euronext Paris in terms of liquidity and market capitalization. The CAC Mid 60 Index includes 60 important domestic and European companies. It represents the largest French capital of 60, following CAC 40 and CAC Next 20.

As part of the quarterly review of the Euronext Paris index, the Scientific Council for Indices has decided to include the EUROAPI in the SBF120 and CACMid 60 indexes. This decision will take effect on Friday, June 17, 2022, after the market closes. , And from Monday, June 20, 2022.

Being included in these benchmark indexes is an important step for EUROAPI, just one month after the group’s listing on Euronext Paris.

Antoine Delcour, Chief Financial Officer of EUROAPI, said: “We are pleased to be included in the SBF120 and CACMid60 Index. This entry is a new milestone for EUROAPI as a publicly traded company, just weeks after celebrating its independence with its highly popular listing on Euronext Paris. .. .. This stage is just the beginning of EUROAPI’s stock market journey. We will continue to develop a clear strategic roadmap to seize opportunities in the dynamic API market and better for all stakeholders. We will bring out great value. »»


EUROAPI is committed to reinventing active ingredient solutions to sustainably meet the needs of customers and patients around the world. We are a world leader in active pharmaceutical ingredients, with approximately 200 references in our portfolio, providing a wide range of technologies while developing innovative molecules through contract manufacturing organization (CDMO) activities.

Acting for health by providing access to essential treatments motivates our 3,350 employees daily. Thanks to its strong R & D capabilities and six production bases all in Europe, EUROAPI guarantees the highest quality production of active ingredients and supplies them to customers in more than 80 countries. EUROAPI is listed on Euronext. More information on

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