English Portal-Major Semiconductor Players Accelerate Next Generation FD-SOI Roadmap for Automotive, IoT and Mobile Applications

..CEA, Soitec, GlobalFoundries, and STMicroelectronics have announced a new collaboration aimed at jointly defining a roadmap for next-generation FD-SOI (fully depleted silicon on insulator) technology. FD-SOI semiconductors and innovations have strategic value for customers around the world, not just in France and the European Union. FD-SOI brings significant benefits to designer and customer systems, including reduced power consumption and easier integration of additional features such as connectivity and security, which are key mobile features such as automotive, IoT applications and mobile. ..

“For over 20 years, CEA has been a pioneer in FD-SOI technology within the Grenoble-Chlor ecosystem. CEA is part of a long history of deep R & D collaboration with both STMicroelectronics, Soitec and GlobalFoundries. Is an initiative launched by the European Commission and Member States to build a complete FD-SOI ecosystem, from material suppliers to electronic design centers, CAD tool vendors, electronic equipment and “fabless” companies. Has played an active role in. End user “. François Jack, General Administrator of CEA.. “CEA takes this opportunity to prepare a new generation of FD-SOI technology that offers higher performance, lower power consumption and lower cost to meet the needs of key European markets such as automotive, IoT and 5G / 6G. Very excited. And Industry 4.0. »»

“FD-SOI is an important technology for the dynamic markets we serve and a key driver of industry and customer growth,” he said. Paul Boudre, CEO of Soitec.. “The FD-SOI Alliance announced today is based on Soitec’s ability to drive board innovation and help launch a new generation of semiconductors that serve a variety of markets such as connectivity, automotive, IoT and artificial intelligence. Together with our partners and allies, we want to confirm our technological leadership and continue to drive innovation in global microelectronics. This collaboration advances technology and meets future needs. We show close collaboration with our customers to help them meet and bring them to market at a sustainable pace. ”

“We look forward to deepening partnerships with key stakeholders in France and Europe throughout the semiconductor value chain, specifically combining highly differentiated FD-SOI-based solutions. We look forward to meeting the rapid growth of integrated circuits that require low power and connectivity. Security for automotive, IoT and smart mobile devices. ” GlobalFoundries CEO Tom Caulfield.. “Europe’s dynamic semiconductor ecosystem is important to us and we will continue to invest to increase our presence in the European Union as part of our global growth strategy.» »

“ST is a pioneer in FD-SOI innovation and has been produced for several years in both standard and custom advanced products for a wide range of end markets. Specifically, this technology is used to develop automated driving technology. In addition, we support the automotive industry moving to a fully digital and software-defined architecture. ” Jean-Marc Chéry, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of STMicroelectronics’ Executive Committee. “We will work with other key experts on the new generation of FD-SOI to help our customers meet the challenges they face in the transition to full digitalization and contribute to the decarbonization of their economies. I’m looking forward to it »».