Electricity-What if it’s difficult to pay for electricity or gas?

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Are you in a situation where it is difficult to pay for electricity and gas? Benefit from energy checks, financial assistance from social welfare services, or assistance to pay invoices such as the Housing Solidarity Fund (FSL) to avoid disruption or reduction of energy supply in the event of unpaid invoices. You can receive it.

What if I have difficulty paying my invoice?

If you have difficulty paying for electricity or gas:

  • You will need to contact the supplier by phone or in writing (online form, email, or mail). He will be able to provide you with a payment schedule. He can also check if your contract is suitable for your consumption and let you know if you can benefit from an energy check.
  • You can contact the social services of your department or the social behavior center of your municipality to find out about the various forms of assistance available and the steps you should take to benefit from them. .. Social workers can help file a proceeding with the Fonds de solidarité pourle logement (FSL), which provides financial assistance to people who have difficulty paying accommodation-related costs (invoices, rent, etc.). There is one FSL for each department. If you submit the file to the FSL, the electricity and / or natural gas supply will be maintained until the FSL concludes (up to 2 months). Social services in your department or in your municipality can give you other financial assistance.
  • If you are a recipient of a Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF), Mutualité Social Agricole (MSA), pension fund, or supplementary pension fund, contact them to see if you can benefit from payment assistance. I can do it. Of your energy bill in case of difficulties.
  • You can contact the Budget Advice Point (PCB)
  • You can contact charities such as Secours Catholique, French Red Cross, Secours Populaire, and SOSFamilles Emmaüs for one-time financial and procedural support.
  • You can also call the energy information telephone service by toll-free 0800112 212 (free call). An advisor will guide you through the process.

What if I haven’t paid for electricity or gas?

Energy charges must be paid within 14 days of the issuance or payment deadline.

Your supplier sends you one without payment on your sideer A letter notifying you that if you do not pay the invoice within an additional 15 days, your electricity or gas supply may be cut off or your electricity may be reduced. If you are benefiting from an energy check, or if you have benefited from assistance from the Housing Solidarity Fund (FSL) in the last 12 months to settle invoices with this same supplier, the deadline is 30 days. ..

If you do not pay the invoice at the end of the 15th (or 30th), the supplier will notify you with 2.When Follow-up letter indicating that energy supply may be stopped or reduced without notice. This letter must tell you that you can sue the FSL to request financial assistance.

By appealing to FSL, you can suspend unpaid procedures and suspend power outages and reductions. FSL will notify the supplier of the redemption claim. If FSL does not help after two months, the supplier may cut off or reduce energy.

If you do not challenge the FSL, your energy supply may be cut off or reduced 20 days after you receive your second letter.

You will be charged for the technician’s business trip to limit or suspend the energy supply.