EBITDA was 0.3ME

In 2021, Obiz recorded sales of 36.9 ME. This is only + 140% organic growth compared to 2020, in line with goals raised several times during the fiscal year. Therefore, Obiz sales have increased from 1.8ME to 36.9ME over the last five years, with an average annual growth rate of + 83% during this period.

EBITDA was € 300,000 in fiscal year 2021. EBITDA includes an increase of € 500,000 (+ 56%) in marketing costs primarily related to the increase in salaries for support development in 2022. The 0.2 M ME increase in R & D expenses (+ 26%) and (iii) general expenses (+ 35%) due to technology investments made in the second half is mainly explained by the free rent period. The company benefited from the increased costs associated with the company’s listing on the stock market since May 2021 in the first quarter of 2020 (no cost in 2020).

Therefore, operating profit for the 2021 fiscal year was -0.4 million euros. After considering financial income consisting primarily of interest related to bank loans and exceptional income of -0.2ME, including exceptional costs associated with IPOs, Obiz in particular-recorded a net result of 0.6ME.

Solid Balance Sheet Position: 4ME Cash as of 31 December 2021

As of the end of 2021, the company had a capital of 7.2 ME, strengthened by a 7.9 ME (total) capital increase after the IPO on Euronext growth in 2021.
As of December 31, 2021, inventories of purchase vouchers (physical or e-cards) and accounts receivable purchased from e-commerce store partners increased as a result of sustained growth in end-of-year activities. Due to the seasonality of the business, inventories and accounts receivable decreased and cash available increased in early 2022.

Obiz (C)’s financial debt for fiscal year 2021 is 4 ME and consists primarily of state (PGE) -guaranteed 1.7 ME loans, approximately 1.4 ME prepayments and 0.8 ME bank loans. ..
Obiz had 4 ME cash available at the end of fiscal 2021 but was 0.4 ME the previous year.

2022 Goals-Confidence in 2025 Ambitions

From the perspective of the 2025 Strategic Plan, Obiz continues to make progress in a variety of well-expressed development areas centered around the platform. Increasing the number of affinity programs, international development through organic and external growth, e-commerce store monetization development. Preparing to launch a specific relational program for new customer profiles (consumers and local partners).

In 2022, Obiz (C) plans to continue development and has set the following financial goals:
Sales of at least 40ME.
Gross profit margin over 10%.
Positive EBITDA with continued technological and commercial investment launched in 2021.

These goals take into account the integration of Adelya from May 2022.
With the particularly dynamic 2021 strengths highlighted by Adelya’s acquisition plan, Obiz is now targeting 2025: (i) achieving 50 ME sales in internal growth and (ii) EBITDA 8 ME. To reach.