DRONE VOLT: Sales of 1.7 million euros, gross margin of the first quarter of 2022-April 20, 2022 17:45

Villepinte, April 20, 2022

  • Slight decline in activity at 1


    In the 2022 quarter, it was offset by the first contribution from SKYTOOLS.

  • A solid gross profit margin of 36% driven by high value-added activities.

  • The outlook for the rest of the year with new orders under negotiation is good.

  • Continuous transfer of know-how from DRONE VOLT to its American partner, AQUILINE DRONES.

  • Completion of Linedrone development by Hydro-Québec and innovation under development by VIKING DRONE.

DRONE VOLT, an onboard artificial intelligence expert and professional private drone maker, has announced unaudited sales of 1.


Fiscal year 2022 quarter.

Thousands of euros of unaudited data – IFRS Standards

First quarter of 2021

First quarter of 2022


turn over





Including third party brands








gross profit




+ 1%

Including third party brands








Gross profit margin



-3 points




0 dots

Including third party brands



-6 dots

“While activity in the first quarter fell slightly, we expect high value-added activities to maintain strong operating profitability and return to good commercial momentum for the rest of the year. doing. “”

Marc Courcelle, Managing Director of DRONE VOLT, says.

“Moreover, we are pleased that recent investments have already begun to bear fruit. Thus, DRONE VOLT has benefited from the initial funding from its new subsidiary, SKYTOOLS, and is now furthering on the Group’s know-how. We are working to integrate VIKING DRONE’s technical expertise to improve and enhance our offerings »»

A slight decrease in activity offset by the first contribution from SKYTOOLS

In a day


In the quarter of 2022, revenue from high value-added activities (DRONE VOLT FACTORY, SERVICES & ACADEMY) reached 789 kg and was stable for one year. During this period, DRONE VOLT was able to deliver six HERCULES 20 SPRAY drones to its Central European customers under a contract signed in December 2021. The group delivered a total of 14 drones throughout the first quarter.

In addition, these high value-added activities include the first financial contribution of the Dutch company SKYTOOLS, which the Group acquired for € 110,000 at the beginning of the year.

In addition, the share of revenue generated by the license agreement signed with AQUILINE DRONES in October 2020 will reach approximately 300 keuro in total1.


2022 quarter.

In addition, third-party brand activities recorded sales of 956 keuros in one year.


In the 2022 quarter, it decreased by -6% compared to the same period last year. Contributions from SKYTOOLS (58 keuros) are also included.

Therefore, after considering a total contribution of € 168,000 from SKYTOOLS, DRONE VOLT’s consolidated sales would be € 1.7 million.


Limited decrease of -3% year-on-year in the 2022 quarter.

Gross profit margin is strong due to high value-added activities

Gross profit of high value-added activities reached 507,000 euros at 1.


The 2022 quarter was up slightly + 1% year-on-year. Therefore, the gross margin for these activities is 64%, which is very close to record levels thanks to strong service and training activities.

However, the gross profit of the third-party brand business reached 1: 120 kg.


In the 2022 quarter, the year-on-year decrease was -38%, and the gross profit margin was 13%, up from 19% in the previous year.

Therefore, a decrease in gross profit on third-party brand activities led to a -10% decrease in DRONE VOLT’s consolidated gross profit, which was 627 keuros per day, including 79 keuros from SKYTOOLS.


The 2022 quarter. As a result, the consolidated gross profit margin is 36% at point 1.


In the 2022 quarter (compared to 39% in the year-ago quarter), it nevertheless remains strong thanks to the contribution of high value activities.

Good commercial outlook and continuous strengthening of know-how

For the rest of the 2022 fiscal year, DRONE VOLT expects continued commercial activity as significant new order negotiations are underway.

In addition, DRONE VOLT and AQUILINE DRONES continue to work together in the United States to accelerate the process of transferring know-how and improving the Group’s technology delivery. DRONE VOLT also supports U.S. partners in seeking funding to support their very strong growth ambitions, and U.S. supporting it within the framework of AQUILINE DRONES’s project to introduce the stock market on Nasdaq. Specifies to appoint an investment bank in the immediate future. In addition, DRONE VOLT requested the board of directors of AQUILINE DRONES to appoint directors and announced that they had acquired them.

In addition, activities for the rest of the fiscal year will be driven by the continued fulfillment of drone distribution agreements with Central European customers signed in December 2021. Over 3 years. To date, eight units have been delivered as planned.

Gradual integration of SKYTOOLS and enhancement of group provision through innovation of VIKING DRONE

In the first quarter, DRONE VOLT worked to integrate SKYTOOLS and establish commercial synergies between the new subsidiary and other entities in the group. Therefore, SKYTOOLS’contribution to the Group’s consolidated sales should gradually increase over the next few quarters.

As announced in March 2022, the group acquired assets from VIKING DRONE, a Danish player specializing in connected drones for developers and integrators. In this context, the group will start with the future production of “Connected Hercules” and to the technical expertise of the Danish company where the team is currently working closely with the DRONE VOLT team to enhance the group’s offerings. Will depend on it. A 4 “drone to be announced in the coming weeks.

In addition, the first Industrialization of Linedrone


The drone, developed in collaboration with Canada’s largest electricity producer Hydro-Québec, is expected to be completed in July 2022. Therefore, the first delivery of Linedrone will be made later in the fiscal year.

Finally, the group specifies that it will continue to investigate acquisition opportunities to enhance its technology and activities.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2022 semester 2022

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Founded in 2011, DRONE VOLT is an aviation manufacturer specializing in professional private drones and artificial intelligence. DRONE VOLT was founded in France, Benelux, Canada, Denmark, USA, Switzerland and Indonesia. DRONE VOLT, a global partner, provides clients with “turnkey” business solutions, including a variety of services and training for drone pilots.

DRONE VOLT Group, a member of GICAT, achieved sales of € 8.7 million in 2021.

DRONE VOLT specifically supplies government agencies and manufacturers such as the French Army, the Ministry of Military Affairs, Engie, Total, Bouygues ES, ADP, Gendarmerie des Transports Aériens (GTA) and international government agencies.

DRONE VOLT is recognized by Bpifrance as an “innovative company”.

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Numbers including contributions from the Dutch company SKYTOOLS since January 18, 2022.


Drones are intended for complex inspections of high voltage power lines. Detects energy losses in electrical networks to accurately determine the need for maintenance.

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