Decentralized Finance (DeFi): Struct Finance Raises $ 3.9 Million

It’s here! The Struct Finance platform has finally announced the good news. We managed to raise $ 3.9 million in funding to develop tools that would help the ecosystem. They enable the personalization, composition and investment of decentralized structured products.

Reason for donation

Several well-known companies participated in the round table conference hosted by Struct Finance. please : Blizzard Fund (Avalanche’s 200 million fund), Antler, Arcanum Capital, Asymmetries Technologies, Avalaunch, AVentures Dao, Bison Fund, Bixin Ventures, Double Peak, FBG Capital, Finance Capital Partners, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Keychain Capital, Lancer Capital, Lucidblue, MC Ventures, QCP Capital, SCC Investments, Skyvision Capital, Spark Digital, Wintermute, Woodstock, Zokyo, 0xVentures.

Thanks to the new inflow of funds thus achieved, Struct Finance plans to create a new range of tools that will allow financial institutions to: You can easily customize the product.. You can also introduce new options with the goal of creating products specifically designed for your client investors.The company has that goal Customize structured products.

Structured products are tools based on several factors, including financial products. Thanks to the various analyzes they carry out, they can offer bespoke offers to meet the expectations of their users. In recent years, these products have grown in popularity (over $ 7 trillion in TradeFi) and have become very present in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Struct Finance seen by investors

Struct Finance is made up of dynamic teams with the following objectives: Expand the range of structured products By providing users with new personalization technology. Therefore, you will be able to create new offers and build great financial products using the options available in the ecosystem. Currently based on Avalanche (AVAX), the team plans to expand to other EVM-enabled chains in the near future.

What do investors think of Struct Finance? Many of them have commented on this platform. “Struct Finance is the first DeFi investment in the AVAX ecosystem. Thanks to the leadership of Louis, Ersin and Miguel, we believe Struct Finance will be the benchmark for smart contract models, so people can. Easily publish your product Treasury structured with AVAX or other ecosystems. The Double Peak Group is very excited to be on this journey to enable mainstream adoption of DeFi and support the future of Struct Finance’s multi-chain in the long run. ” Galen Law, the founding partner of Double Peak, said.

Jingcheng Li, Managing Director of FBG Capital, said “As decentralized finance moves to high gear, the derivatives market will grow significantly in the future, and the Struct Finance team will have the right products to meet their market needs. We are pleased to be able to support this. Very promising team “.

Other positive opinions about Struct Finance

Opinions on Struct Finance almost all support the impending growth. The majority of investors are confident in the performance they expect the platform to achieve.

“As the cryptocurrency market matures and decentralized finance takes hold, the need for sophisticated means to meet the demands of institutional and private investors is paramount. Struct offers this. Not only allows users to configure existing instruments together, An endless array of strategies.. The team behind Struct only built and implemented these innovative concepts. I am honored to be able to support their journey. “ We support Mark Stanwyck, co-founder of Avalaunch.

Himanshu Yadav, Founding Partner and CIO of Woodstock, said: “As new capital enters the market, the need for customized structured products will continue to grow. Struct Finance Basic pillar I was impressed with Struct’s expertise in simplifying complex on-chain transactions to create such personalized structured products. We are confident that Struct will be the go-to platform for all of Avalanche’s structured products and we are pleased to support this wonderful team. “

Finally, the 0xVen team insisted: “We are thrilled with the innovations taking place at Struct and their usefulness at Avalanche. At 0xVentures, we are deeply committed to driving the overall evolution of the DeFi space. We are part of it. I’m proud to be Rapid growth of protocolAnd look forward to further collaboration in the near future. “

Struct Finance is a platform aimed at revolutionizing decentralized financial markets by offering new options for creating structured products. She managed to raise a lot of money to carry out these various projects and develop these products.

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