Current best welcome offer from online banks

Most online banks sell stock exchange offers that are more competitive than traditional banks. They regularly offer welcome bonuses to attract new, novice, and experienced customers. The bonuses in question are:

Before subscribing to a stock market offer, first define an investor profile. Are you a novice stock marketer or a veteran investor? Also, think about the tools and support you need for online brokers and banks. In fact, beginners often seek more advice rather than accessing a large number of financial products. On the contrary, enthusiasts will favor access to many financial markets and a wide variety of media. You also need to define the level of involvement by estimating the frequency and amount of future investments in order to select the best priced offer in the online bank. finally, Welcome bonus can help you choose An actor who opens or transfers a PEA or securities account.

Transfer fees of up to € 3000 will be refunded

FortuneoCrdit Mutuel-Arka Online Bank is currently Nice welcome offer: We will offer a welcome bonus to new customers until June 30, 2022. 60 euros, PEA or PEA-PME for the first opening or transfer of a securities account.She also offers Brokerage fees for the first 100 orders Euronext Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam securities (excluding UCI, SRD fees, financial transaction deferrals or taxes) executed for less than € 10,000 in the first two months. Fortuneo also promises a refund Transfer fee (Within 2000 euros), if opened by transfer of an account of 5000 euros or more (on receipt).Fortune offer Officials of 4 online brokerage firms, Not only for beginners, but also for the most experienced people: Zero Brokers, Optimal, Active Traders, Trader 100 Orders.

Fortuneo Stock Market Offer

Online banking Bull SolamaWe also offer attractive welcome offers and promise refunds to our customers. Double the transfer fee Securities account, PEA, or PEA-PME € 3000 limit per transfr account.. Please note that you need a Boursorama bank account to benefit from this promotion.Through that 4 formulas(Discovery, Classic, Trader, Ultimate Trader), Boursorama adapts to the investor’s profile and guarantees access to a variety of securities including stocks, bonds, UCITS, warrants, trackers, certificates and derivatives.

Details of the Brusolama Stock Exchange

On the same line BforBankWe will refund by June 27, 2022. Custodian bank transfer feePEA or PEA-PME Up to 2000 euros Per Account Transfer Nonetheless, online banking sets certain conditions for accessing it. This offer has a minimum valuation of 3,000 per transferred securities account (excluding unlisted securities) and is valid provided that this investment is maintained for a minimum of one year. Refunds will be made within 2 months after the transfer by presenting supporting documents.In addition to this promotional offer, BforBank will make a refund Brokerage feeWithin the limit of € 2000 until August 31, 2022.

BforBank Stock Market Official

Among online brokers BUX Currently offering all new customers Shares worth 200 euros To open a securities account. Thanks to its use of the BUX Zero mobile application, it is possible to invest in a simple and intuitive way. Invest in a defined list of ETFs and equities (French, Belgium, Germany, USA, Netherlands, Austria), including major companies such as Airbus, BNP Paribas, Engie, Dior and Apple. There are no fees or fees for opening and closing. Zero orders, that is, orders placed at the end of the stock market, are as free as US stock orders. Next, count 1.5 euros for European stocks.

BUX Stock Market Offer

No welcome bonus, but competitive rates

Other online brokers that do not offer welcome bonuses nevertheless stand out with their aggressive pricing policies that offer low cost offers. On the other hand, looking at these banks and online brokers, you need to manage your stocks independently.

Invest in real estate From 1,000 euros..our Best SCPI ranking

DEGIRO allows you to open only securities accounts and invest in more than 50 financial centers around the world in a completely dematerialized way from your mobile, tablet or computer.Deguilo Sports Very competitive price: Brokers do not charge fees for opening, maintaining or managing accounts, custody fees, or fees for Euronext Paris and US stocks, and orders placed on ETFs.

Another online broker, Trade Republic, offers access to over 8,500 stocks and ETFs, as well as turbos, warrants, leverage and shorts. Trade Republic only offers securities accounts that can be managed completely online. The broker charges € 1 per transaction and does not charge a fee for opening, maintaining or ordering on the stock market.

Which bank or broker do you choose in the stock market?