Cryptocurrency of the state of Brazil? Real Digital to be tested soon

Ordem e Progresso – Project Central Bank Digital Currency (MNBC) is emerging all over the world. Small countries and large countries, many do research so as not to be left behind and launch projects. the Brazil Became part of Top of class A pilot project was announced later this year. To Brasília in the center of the Federal Republic of Brazil.

Beautiful people at the bedside of MNBC in Brazil

In order to carry out their project and put all the chances on their side, Brazilian authorities put small dishes in big dishes and launched big dishes in March last year. consultation.. It has collected some top names from the crypto ecosystem as well as celebrities from traditional financial and international payment companies.I’m talking here Bitcoin Mercado – – many Brazil’s big crypto platform, visa, MicrosoftConsenSys and Aave No one but them recites. LIFT (Financial and Technological Innovation Laboratory) is working on this multifaceted project. Central Bank of Brazil (BCB).

Finally, it was in the middle of an event initiated by the Traders Club – Financial Market Information and Education Platform – The president of BCB has released the information.yes Real digital It will be released. It will be tested this year as well! Probably in the second semester. However, it is not available to everyone.Reserved exclusively Financial institution First of all. For its value, Brazilian real..

Brazil will launch the Real Digital project in late 2022, primarily for financial professionals.
Brazil is about to launch a Real Digital project

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Real digital during trial this year

future MNBC Will be distributed within Reserve forwarding system (STR). For enthusiasts of economics and financial mechanics, here are links to explore the issue further.For others, please be aware that it is a simplified and secure money transfer system for the major financial institutions in the country of registration. BCB.. And this is where Real Digital is first tested.

Camposnet – – President of BCB – Also, MNBC says ” limited edition number “. a bit ” Bitcoin style “. He also remembered that cryptocurrencies were a means of investment rather than payments, but this can all change very quickly.

“” What we think is that there is a curve where you start as a means of investment and at some point it becomes a means of payment. Because there is a process for financial agents to get used to it and accept payments. »»

Neto went on to explain:

“” The digitization of the economy is a natural and irreversible move as the world moves towards integrating new technologies such as the Internet of Things and 5G into society... »»

therefore, MNBC When Cryptocurrency It will be revealed in the next few years.Therefore, it belongs to Congressman Take into account the future development of financial markets. “” I am today regulating in an environment that should change completely within two years “Therefore, we conclude the president of BCB.

Get off to a good start without being too fast. Take the time to ponder without hindering technological progress and innovation. It’s a big problem for central banks around the world! And what about regulators looking for the right combination to intervene in cryptocurrencies? And in this rather vague context, Huge platform Take advantage of the opportunity to relentlessly expand their empire.

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