Cryptocurrency News-May 29, 2022 Week

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May 29, 2022-09:00

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Christine Lagarde: Cryptography isn’t worth anything, but let’s hurry up and regulate it

Lagarde stuttering

Her role as a guardian of the temple is European Central Bank (ECB) Governor Christine Lagarde reiterated her unfriendly remarks on cryptocurrencies During a Dutch TV show that airs on Sunday.

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SWIFT – MasterCard CEO believes this network will disappear within 5 years

SWIFT-MasterCard CEO believes this network will disappear within 5 years

In today’s payments sector, things are changing rapidly. On the one hand, there are trustee currencies whose appeal is measured by the height of the loss of self-confidence they encounter. And on the other hand, a digital currency in a broad sense, including the Central Bank (MNBC) project without assimilation. The latter is trying to find a place in the crypto market that has already made them obsolete before they existed.When Payment networks like SWIFT are struggling to compete with solutions like Bitcoin and Stablecoin... Until it can disappear in the next few years.

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Terra2 – Fork verification and new LUNA distribution

Terra2-Fork verification and LUNA distribution

It seems that the Terra project community has found a solution. This follows the historic collapse of the ecosystem earlier this month. And after all, it occasionally twists and rotates at the limits of the tolerance. In fork programming where this blockchain version 2.0 is displayed. And what is really interesting for LUNA (soon LUNC) holders is the distribution of cryptocurrencies that one day wonders. That’s because simply restarting this network isn’t enough for Phoenix to recover from the still warm ashes.

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Insider trading still plagues crypto

Cryptographic Insider Trading

Insider trading, a practice inherited from traditional finance, is no stranger to the world of cryptocurrencies. It has been pointed out several times in a very young history, but if you look carefully at the blockchain data, it will reappear on a regular basis. Zero tolerance in this area, advocated by crypto exchange platforms, is undermined by the latest revelations from The Wall Street Journal.

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fUSD – High Voltage Deployment of Native Stablecoin on Fantom Network

fUSD-Fantom Network's native Stablecoin awaiting final audit

What is currently shaking the stablecoin market is a real crisis of self-confidence. This follows a spectacular collapse of the algorithm version developed at the heart of the Terra ecosystem. Cases where it is still difficult to determine the complete result. And one of the main ones is undoubtedly a distrust of these monetary tools that are more experimental than stable.but also Timely review of the internal mechanism of the native fUSD version of the Fantom network, It is still in the startup stage. The latter was presented as being over-guaranteed and open to collateral, as well as sFTM. explanation…

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Bitcoin Analysis-Towards a 9th consecutive week of decline?

Bitcoin Analysis-Towards a 9th consecutive week of decline?

While the stock index is back this week, Bitcoin is struggling to keep up with the momentum. Too many, Satoshi Nakamoto’s digital currency is heading straight towards a sad record high. To the point of wondering if investors are drawing liquidity from the crypto market. This is to facilitate technological recovery in both Wall Street and European financial markets.

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