Corporate governance through data protection

What is the key to good corporate governance today? Business news has been disrupted for over two years by cyberattacks, new formats and ways of working, and multiple technological transitions, but it’s time to put data, its protection, and control at the heart of your business strategy. ..

After the busy 2021 and the first quarter with plenty of first lessons. Now is the time to act on the opportunities available to each leader to stay active by protecting them from 2022’s corporate priorities, problems they must face, and at least data breaches. This concerns not only the choice of security solution, but also the choice of governance adopted to protect the intelligence and history of the enterprise. To do this, it is imperative to consider implementing an appropriate business recovery plan.

Efforts for new work styles and their sustainability

It’s foolish not to cite parameters that have changed the situation significantly from a data governance perspective: remote operation and hybrid mode. The significant acceleration of the deployment of partial or complete remote work observed over the last two years has dramatically changed the threat landscape and continues to increase cyberattacks and victims. And that shouldn’t change immediately. We do not see a return to the same way of working as in 2019. Therefore, it is easy to predict that cybercrime, especially the ransomware threat, will remain a major challenge for businesses in 2022. Protecting the ever-changing IT environment should be a priority.

As the number of teleworkers and deployed applications grows, cybercriminals are more likely to find new targets and break into your organization’s computer network. If this is not the case yet, companies need to have an accurate vision of the best data protection strategy and compare it to what is actually being implemented to improve the data without delay. However, one of the biggest challenges at this point is that budgets aren’t as important as they used to be. Therefore, in 2022, business leaders and IT managers will need to prioritize investment.

Overcome reduced funding obstacles

Historically, cybersecurity projects have not always been given the priority they should be, and 2022 must be a year of action as everyone is aware of the cyber risks that threaten them. not. However, it is imperative to consider your budget in light of the many challenges companies face, such as digital transformation, cybersecurity, integration of new analytics technologies, and application proliferation. With this in mind, it’s time to think about prioritization.

Due to budget constraints on many ongoing and upcoming projects, companies are aiming to make smart technology investments in 2022. Building new relationships with customers is critical to keeping all businesses generating revenue, but making it successful while customer revenue is under the influence of a pandemic is a new consideration. It is an index. The large multi-year contracts and “large transactions” known before the pandemic are not necessarily large numbers of people. Because everyone is paying more attention to expenses, especially related items, at their own level.

New technological and economic horizon

One of the solutions that can be glimpsed is to reduce the total number of suppliers that the company works with to reduce costs. It is also becoming essential to find more complete and comprehensive solutions and partners, especially technical ones. Changing the investment model is also important. Today, pay-as-you-go is actually becoming democratic, which is a fascinating opportunity for all players, publishers, customers, partners and more. This model, like the unlimited video streaming platform, has already been proven to the general public. IDC experts predict that 53% of software revenue will come from the 2022 subscription model, so it’s time to enter the business world. As this business model changes, workflows and workloads are moving to the cloud. , Both public and private. If the first grows tremendously in 2020 due to the ease of test runs in an emergency, the second is more and more about security commitments, which are a major challenge for today’s enterprises. To persuade the company. It also seems to say that in the long run, companies will work on scalable models that are more economical and often hybrid than on-premises or multi-cloud, if acceleration passes through public clouds frequently.

While there are certainly many surprises in 2022, experts have already agreed on the increasing cyber threats and computer attacks and the sustainability of these new ways of working that impose a true long-term strategy. Responsive enough at any cost, it’s time to think about protecting yourself before a crisis strikes!