COFACE SA: Publication of group and solo SFCR as of December 31, 2021

COFACE SA: Publication of group and solo SFCR as of December 31, 2021

Paris 29 April 2022 – – 5:45 pm

COFACE SA today released its own report on the solvency and financial status of COFACE SA and Compagnie française d’assurance pourlecommerce internationale (“Compagnie”) (solvency and financial status report or SFCR in English abbreviation).Requirements for Solvency 2 Directive1..

The SFCR for Fiscal Year 2021 was approved by the respective boards of COFACESA and Compagnie. It is produced annually:

  • In the case of the Coface Group, ie by integrating the activities of COFACESA and its major subsidiaries in France and outside France.
  • A single supervised facility for the company.

Key Point

  • COFACE SA uses a partial internal model approved by ACPR in 2019 to assess its solvency. The solvency of a company remains assessed by a standard interpretation.
  • As of 31 December 2021, the capital available for hedging the Group SCR was € 2,472 million, including:
    • 82% Tier 1 capital;
    • 17% Tier 2 capital for subordinated debt subject to provisional measures.
    • 1% Tier 3 capital representing deferred tax assets.
  • The final coverage rate for the 2021 Group SCR is 195%2 Reflects solvency beyond the target range (155% – 175%). This level supports the group’s decision to distribute 100% of 2021’s net income with a dividend of € 1.50 per share.3..
  • Our SCR (solo) coverage in 2021 is 263%.Four..

contact address

Investor / Analyst Relationship
Thomas Jacquet: +33 1 49 02 12 58 – [email protected]
Benoît CHASTEL: +33 1 49 02 22 28 – [email protected]

Press related
Saphia GAOUAOUI: +33 1 49 02 14 91 – [email protected]
Corin Nander: +33 1 49 02 23 94 – [email protected]

Financial calendar 2021/2022
((((under Reservation for change)
General Assembly 2021: May 17, 2022
Result of H1-2022: July 28, 2022, after market closure
Results of 9M-2022: October 27, 2022, after market closure

Financial information
This press release and complete COFACESA regulatory information are available on the Group’s website (

For regulatory information related to alternative performance indicators (APIs), see the 2021 Semi-Annual Financial Report and the 2021 Universal Registration Document.
(See 3.7 “Key Performance Indicators”).

Face: For trade
With over 75 years of experience and one of the largest international networks, Coface is a leader in credit insurance and related professional services (factoring, collection, single risk insurance, warranty and information services). Coface experts work at the heart of the global economy, helping nearly 50,000 clients in 100 countries build successful, dynamic and growing businesses. Coface supports a company’s credit decisions. Our services and solutions enhance our sales capacity by protecting against the risk of non-payment in the domestic and export markets. In 2021, Coface had approximately 4,538 employees and recorded revenues of € 1.57 billion.

COFACE SA is listed on Section A of Euronext Paris.
ISIN code: FR0010667147 / mnemonic: COFA

Disclaimer – Certain statements contained in this press release may contain forecasts specifically related to future events, trends, projects, or objectives. These predictions, whether specified or not, are inherently risky and uncertain, and the impact of many factors that can cause actual results to differ materially from those shown in these statements. You may receive it. See Chapter 5, “Key Risk Factors in a Group and Their Management,” in the documentation. Universal registration 2021 Of the Coface Group submitted to AMF April 6, 2022 Below number D.twenty two-0244, To obtain an explanation of certain important factors, risks, and uncertainties that may affect the activities of the Coface Group. The Coface Group makes no commitments to publish updates or revisions to these forecasts or to convey new information, future events, or other circumstances.

1 This directive i) formalizes and organizes information requests and ii) specifies governance and process obligations that insurers must comply with. In particular, the regulation provides for the production of two narrative reports, respectively, for managers (RSRs) and the general public (SFCR).
2 Final calculation Coverage rate calculated using the partial internal model of the group.. Not audited.
3 Ex-dividends will be made on May 20, 2022 and payments will be made from May 24, 2022. A proposed distribution of € 1.50 per share requires the approval of the General Assembly.1 general meeting of shareholdersMay 7, 2022.
Four Final calculation Coverage calculated according to the official interpretation of Coface Solvency II standard. Not audited.

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