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Acceptance of Ukrainians as refugees at Charente-Maritime

Updated April 12, 2022

Acceptance of Ukrainians as refugees at Charente-Maritime

Information for Ukrainian citizens who wish to enter and / or stay in French territory.

Інформація для

Accommodation (1)

Modality of access and stay of Ukrainian people

♦ Go to France

All information for Ukrainian citizens wishing to access French territory is available here


of :

♦ Stay in France

In the Schengen area, Ukrainians live legally for 90 days. They can get protection in the country where they find themselves, if they wish.

Temporary protection allows you to:

  • Issuance of Renewable Temporary Residence Permit (APS) on French territory for 6 months.
  • Payment of Asylum Seeker Allowance (ADA).
  • Permission to carry out professional activities;
  • Access to care through medical care;
  • School education for minors;
  • Access to accommodation that meets the needs of the household, coupled with adequate social support.
  • Access to individual housing assistance (APL) payments.

Details of temporary protection:

♦ Procedure for granting temporary protection

As soon as they arrive in French territory, officials need to send-or send- Via the address of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the prefecture A message showing [email protected], marriage history (name, name, date, place of birth) and contact details (phone number, email address) of those who welcome them. You need to send the following documents as attachments.

-Passport copy: A page containing citizen status, visa potential, immigration stamps (airport, railroad, land, etc.).

-If you do not have a passport, all documents you have to prove your identity (consulate card or equivalent, ID or equivalent, translated birth certificate, driver’s license, etc.)..

Then it is the prefecture’s service to summon all adult citizens as soon as possible, To issue a temporary residence permit. This appointment also allows you to complete your enrollment in the Health Insurance Fund using the pre-provided form for parent-child relationships for minor children.

At the time of this appointment within the prefecture, an appointment with the French Department of Immigration and Integration (OFII) is also proposed. Rights to specific allowances are opened at the OFII counter.

Rail transport is free.


Charente-Maritime state services are mobilized under the authority of the Governor to prepare and organize this reception and coordinate the actions of local governments. In this way, letters were sent to all officials in the department elected from the prefecture to cooperate in the construction of the reception system.

  • Steps to list accommodation offers for corporations (local governments, associations, companies)

A digital form is available online at the following address: https: //

This form is intended for all legal entities wishing to provide accommodation to accommodate Ukrainian citizens. Corporations need to fill out this form to identify them, elaborate on the characteristics of the property and allow matching under the best conditions.

This form is not intended for personal use (a SIRET number is required to process your request).

  • Identification of an offer from a natural person

Those who want to accompany Ukrainian citizens are invited to register on the site

The platform aims to identify different types of aid initiatives (expert integration, education, conference / leisure activities), especially solidarity accommodation initiatives. Individual volunteers will contact the association for this purpose.

  • Situation without accommodation / housing solutions :

Those who want to report people without accommodation should send an email to the following address: [email protected] With access to all accommodation offers in the department, Fondation des Diaconesses de Reuilly’s social workers will provide accommodation for Ukrainian families as soon as possible.

In case of an emergency (Ukrainian family on the street), it is advisable to contact 115, especially at night and on weekends. People are first housed in the hotel, and then the Royley Deaco Foundation decides it is appropriate. Accommodation for them.

The first needs of Ukrainians arriving in the territory are handled by the municipality and / or CCASCommunity Activity Center/ CIAS and management procedure support.


-Permanent access to health care (PASS) (information available at: https: // or hospital emergency orientation.

-General practitioners can also voluntarily perform free procedures if emergency consultation is required even before the intervention of PASS.

-For pregnant women and children ages 0-6: Link with PMI servicesSME mother and child protectionWhen registering with the city hall, we will inform you of the nearest consultation place and consultation time.

-For the general public: Orientation to urban medicine in the relevant area.

-Introduction to Permanent Access to Healthcare (PASS) that can be directed towards mental health care in the first place.

-The Red Cross Phone Platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of psychological problems (stress, anxiety, isolation, bereavement, etc.) at the following numbers:

-If you are at risk of suicide, you need to call 3114.


Parents who wish to send their children to school should do the following:

-For children born between 2011 and 2018, please contact the municipality in which you live directly.

-For young people born between 2004 and 2010 (twice), make an appointment with the nearest Information Orientation Center (CIO) to organize these assessments most appropriately. To find the nearest CIO: https: //

Emergency areas can be released in creche for the acceptance of infants.


Beneficiaries of temporary protection are allowed to engage in professional activities as soon as they obtain a temporary residence permit.


  • Welcome refugees

Individuals who want to state the availability to welcome or accompany refugees from Ukraine can go to the site

  • Perform solidarity actions (b)Volunteer, translation …).

All citizens who wish to volunteer for the benefit of Ukrainians arriving in the territory or to provide translation and interpretation services are invited to register on the site ..

  • DFinancial fund When material

Donors are invited to contact the Public Utilities Authority in the region and / or AMF / ADPC.

  • Business Competition Fund: Urgent Appeal to Victims – Action Ukraine

Companies that want to financially support Ukraine can do so through the Business Competition Fund, which has been activated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. This is the only state tool that offers companies the potential to respond quickly and efficiently to international emergencies.

Specifically, with the financial contributions collected, the state, in addition to the actions already taken, will purchase first aid materials that meet the needs of the victims, transport them and act in terms of humanitarian aid. Can be executed. partner. Victim Emergency Call-Population


The Ministry of Economic and Fiscal Recovery pays particular attention to the consequences of business activities that could result from a military invasion of Ukraine and sanctions against Russia.

Some contacts are dedicated to the enterprise, depending on the issue that arises, in order to notify and respond to concerns.

Click here to find all the information: https: //

Beneficiaries of temporary protection are allowed to engage in professional activities as soon as they obtain a temporary residence permit. Employment of Ukrainian citizens holding APS requires prior approval. Therefore, companies need to apply for a work permit from a foreign labor platform.


For the attention of pet owners (dogs, cats, ferrets) entering France from Ukraine:

Dogs and cats from Ukraine, which are members of the European Union, generally must meet the following regulatory requirements:

  • Identified animal;
  • Animals effectively vaccinated against rabies;
  • Titrated animals gave good results 3 months before import.
  • Comes with an original health certificate.

In view of Ukraine’s emergency, France, like many member states, has introduced a system for emergency response to animals that do not meet these requirements.

In this regard, it is advisable to contact the veterinarian as soon as possible for those who have recently entered French territory with animals that do not meet these regulatory requirements. You can also contact the “Veterinarians for All” association, which provides means test services.

The Population Conservation Department will monitor the health of these animals in the second phase.

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