CCPL: New 1% tax on construction land adopted by majority-Landivisiau

On April 5, 2022, Mayor Jean-Philippe Dufort welcomed community representatives to the Milham Room in Plusevede for a budget session.

Management account 2021

The various management accounts approved unanimously show Equipole’s main budget of € 2,750,244 and an additional budget of € 115,922. Business real estate has a deficit of 277,068 euros and business parks have a deficit of 173,357 euros. With the 2021 household waste annex budget rebalanced to a surplus of € 786,851, President Billon said: I’ll sort out the situation, but I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. “

2022 reserve budget

The main initial budget is balanced by € 16,134,801 for investment and € 6,079,384 for investment. For investments, the remaining € 450,000 is categorized as follows: € 15,000 for programming the extension of the community pole. 17,000 euros for very high speeds. Espace France Services costs 4,000 euros. 106,000 euros for GEMAPI. € 173,000 for cultural development; € 100,000 for water and sanitation. The forecast for new investment expenditure of € 1,474,000 in 2022 is as follows: 88,000 euros network media library. Transfer of skills of 770,000 euros. Development of PLU-iH for 516,000 euros.

Additional budget

For household waste, even the sum of the investments of € 4,335,504 and € 828,937 was voted for the break-even point. For Equipôle, the investment is € 495,385 and the investment is € 723,429. For commercial real estate, € 192,093 during operation and € 219,117 for investment. For a business park, an investment of € 3,982,852.

Introduced 1% tax on land constructed between local governments

President Billon proposes to introduce a 1% tax rate on construction land at the inter-city level after approving the maintenance of the 2022 local tax rate (business property tax 23.18%, unconstructed property tax 2%). did. Considering the current period, which is inappropriate for creating a new tax, it provokes the reaction of some community representatives. “This 1% tax costs an average of € 9-20 per year for residents of Pays de Landivisiau and will be used to fund future territorial projects,” Henri Billon replied. The new tax was passed with 29 votes in favor, 13 votes against, and 2 abstentions after more than one-third of Congress raised their hands for a secret ballot.

Overview of community council

The results of the acquisitions and sessions operated by CCPL in 2022 are as follows: More than 38,842 m² in the Vern area, 533 m² in the Créa c’h Iller craft area and more than 154,000 m² in the Lestrévignon craft area. In 2022, 19 municipalities will share € 300,000 under the Community Solidarity Grant. The opening of Giklan’s PLU (Regional City Planning) zone to urbanization, reserved for the expansion of Kelmat’s space for economic activity along the highway, was unanimously adopted.

At the end of the session, President Billon announced solidarity in support of Ukraine. We plan to invite as many volunteers as possible to cultivate, modify, find seeds, harvest, sell at a planned price of around € 15,000 and donate the full amount to Ukraine. “