Carmila: Signed agreement with Batipart and ATLAND Voisin to sell asset portfolio in France


Carmila (Paris: CARM) has announced the signing of an agreement with Batipart and ATLAND Voisin for the sale of its portfolio of assets belonging to Carmila through a partnership structure.

The portfolio consists of six assets in France. Mondevillage, Meylan, Mont St Aignan, Nantes St Herblain, Rambouillet, St Jeande Vedas.

The sale price of the portfolio is € 150 million and includes customs duties. This is consistent with the appraisal value at the end of 2021.

Carmilla holds a 20% minority interest. joint ventureIts debt ratio (LTV including obligations) does not exceed 50%, joint venture Rental management, marketing and asset management missions.

The transaction is scheduled to close in June 2022.

This disposition is the first transaction in Carmila’s asset rotation program announced on Capital Markets Day, December 2021. Carmila is targeting a total disposal of € 200 million in 2022 and 2023 and hopes to extend this asset disposal beyond 2023. Disposals will be assigned to new development projects and stock repurchases.

Marie Cheval, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Carmilla, commented:

“” This is an important step for Carmilla, who is launching the asset rotation strategy announced on Capital Markets Day. This agreement shows the liquidity of our assets in good condition and the interests of real estate investors on personal assets. »»

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