Carmat: Carmat’s financial period will be extended until March 2023

(BFM Bourse)-The designer of the Aeson artificial heart, which had run out of resources by the summer, was able to raise € 40.5 million without ignoring individuals with a quick capital increase with institutional investors. Through the PrimaryBid platform, this time small owners were able to subscribe.

Solving the equation was not a big mystery. At the end of fiscal year 2021, Carmat announced that it was sufficient to fund the activity until July and that artificial heart transplants (and therefore sales) could not be resumed until October. at least A bridge between the two deadlines. It is unlikely that the level of sales will be sufficient as soon as the establishment reopens to cover all costs, so it can even be procured more than enough to simply sustain these three months.

The trajectory of the capital increase wasn’t too difficult to predict, as the company was funded primarily in this way and the fundraising of the five people had already started from the IPO. Carmat is owned by Antonino Ligresti (founder of Générale de Santé), Pierre Bastid (former boss and shareholder of Converteam, a company acquired by GE for € 2.7 billion in 2011), and the Gaspard family office (owned by office equipment giant Lyreco). Person), as well as funding from the French state via a pharmaceutical company, Therabel, or Bprifrance (through a dedicated Cornovum holding company).

Again, most of them responded to provide the company with enough to continue, despite the recent difficulties in industrialization. The strategic investor block provided € 36.5 million during the increase in reserved capital. But this time, small holders who are by definition excluded from this type of offer (and therefore do not receive monetizable preferred subscription rights, therefore configure drywall) have at least one of the following: Not forgotten for those who have an account. Brokers offering primary bid offers were launched in France at the end of 2021 (to date, Bourse Direct, Boursorama, easyBourse).

Through these brokers, shareholders were informed yesterday evening about the possibility of joining it via PrimaryBid at the start of the operation: the proposal generated € 4.1 million in orders, ie a total amount of 40.5. Raised almost 10% of a million.

20% discount

The issue price of new shares is set at € 10 per share in all cases, equivalent a 19.7% discount compared to Monday’s closing price and a 20.6% discount compared to the weighted average of the prices of the last five trading sessions. To do. , According to the approval given at the General Assembly.

The Primary Bid component of operation is the third of its type operated in France and by far the largest in terms of funding and number of subscribers. The previous one was from Ecoslops, a specialist in the recycling of oil residues (“slops” and “sludge”) from sea shipping, in October, including 700,000 via the platform and Global Bioenergies (1 million). Raised 6.4 million euros. Euro out of a total of 14.5 million euros).

“Thanks to all historical and new investors for their contribution to the success of this significant financing of Calmat. The funding raised is scheduled for October 2022 over the next few months. Aeson Artificial Heart. We are particularly pleased that many individual investors have been able to participate thanks to the Primary Bid platform. We are very grateful for the support of Carmat, a unique French company in the field. Medical Technology ”, Underlined the General Manager of Carmat Stéphane Piat. “Thanks to their support and the support of all other investors, we are one step closer to our goal of making Aeson the first alternative to heart transplantation, and many suffer from end-stage biventricular heart failure. Providing a solution to the patient. Those who are currently in a treatment impasse. “

By combining this contribution with current financial resources, Carmat estimates that it will be able to fund its activities until March 2023, in accordance with its current business plan.

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