Car Loans, Housing, Financial Assistance: What is this Agreement for Employment in Occitania?

The President of Occitanie Region Carole Delga (PS), who visited Gers in PMTL on Friday, March 18, 2022, announced 40.
President of Occitanie Region Carole Delga (PS), here visiting Gers within the PMTL company on Friday, March 18, 2022, presents 40 “concrete solutions” in her agreement for employment. Did. (© Sébastien Lapeyrère / Occitanie Region)

It seems that you have to catch the bull with a horn to solve the problem. It is this state of mind that drives the Occitanie region in terms of employment. Wednesday, March 23, 2022, President (PS) Carol Delga Presenting a roadmap for the “Agreement for Employment”, 40 concrete solutions that bring together 50 public and private partners such as Paul Employa, UIMM, Medeff, Building Federation, Executive Employment Association (APEC) Since the economic recovery in the fall of 2021, orders have often been full, while companies are struggling to hire.

“No one is left on the roadside”

One slogan: leave no one or company on the roadside, “said a representative from Comminge.

Especially in Occitania, the issue of difficulty in hiring is becoming more and more important. The regional president, for example, Recruitment plan for 550 school bus drivers started in early 2022.. “In 2021, we couldn’t set up the circuit in the Grand Est area due to a lack of drivers,” he warned the current four bosses.When The largest region in France.

In addition, “Regional Planning to Relieve Tensions in School Bus Driver Occupations” is part of that. This battery of 40 majors applied by the community.

Recruitment obstacles

The Occitanie Region covers three major barriers to corporate recruitment.

  • External brake (Movement, childcare, housing, ignorance of rights, etc.)
  • Things that get in the way (Lack of self-confidence, psychological and social barriers, level of education, etc.)
  • Internal barriers to the enterprise (Attractiveness of occupation, clichés in a specific field, etc.)

“Difficulty in hiring is a real problem.”

Emile walnutThe president of the French Architectural Federation of Occitania (FFB) has warned about unfulfilled work.

“Difficulty in hiring is a very old reality problem. Our sector represents 70,000 companies and 92,000 employees, 8,000 temporary workers and 9,000 young people. 17,000 in Occitania. There is a vacancy of people. This is a considerable brake. About the brakes on the growth of our company and the development of our territory. We have 40 different professions with expertise and development potential. I am.

Emile walnutPresident of FFB in Occitania

Agreement measures

in 40 measures of this agreement For community employment, integration of people living in priority areas, housing guarantees for jobs in shortages will be provided (from summer 2022 with financial assistance and experimentation at two high schools at boarding schools. (Provides seasonal workers)), vehicle loans for job seekers and employees who are being retrained following redundancy, and youth 16-25 years without training or employment, confidence in individual coaching By 2025, create a “TPE Recruitment Pack” for at least 500 job creation groups, more immersive internships in agricultural trade, or crafts in areas experiencing recruitment pressure through employers.

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Help for childcare

The region is working on delicate themes that make people hesitant to return to work. Childcare. Therefore, in addition to support from the Family Allowance Fund (CAF), community support for childcare will be provided. Assistance ranges from € 80 for employment (for 1-3 month contracts) to € 250 for vocational training trainees and those with a contract of 3 months or more.

Expanded ecological income

Carol Delga mentioned two solutions to remove employment obstacles after launching an ecological income for young people under the age of 25 who want to work in the construction and agriculture sector. Ecological local income for 18-29 years old. “The purpose is to encourage young people, especially those farthest from employment, to move to a green profession and support them in training courses, a project to create or take over businesses that facilitate the transition to ecology.” The regional council shows.

Specifically, the income of ecological youth in the area is 689 euros for 18-20 years old (corresponding to the first year’s reward for youth apprentices in parentheses) and 21-25 years old. It will be 849 euros. 1000 euros for 26-29 years old.

The experiment will start in April 2022 With 1500 young peopleBefore generalization at the end of 2022.

Attract digital and use VAE more effectively …

The other axis of this regional agreement-often the day-to-day actions that are already taking place-is the fight against illiteracy, the attraction of new talent in the digital sector, and the better use of the valued experience gained (VAE). is.

Haute-Garonne’s Division Council is the first of Occitanie’s 13 divisions Device partner.

“It’s a good example of integration for us, and crossing different perspectives allows us to better understand. For us, no one is unemployed.”

Georges MerrickPresident of Haute-Garonne Prefectural Assembly (PS)

Total cost 50 million euros

The overall cost of the system is around € 50 million, of which € 15 million is funded by the Occitanie region. “There are no quantitative goals for the number of beneficiaries or the return to employment due to uncertainties in the level of economic growth. We will evaluate within 18 months,” Carole Delga concludes.

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