Capgemini signs an agreement to acquire Chappuis Halder & Cie to strengthen its advisory expertise in financial services

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Capgemini Sign the contract to get Chapis Haller & VSThat is, for Strengthen consulting expertise in financial services

This hasGet vTo speed up growth Capgemini service of Strategy, transformation, Sustainable development for Banks investment When Company Wealth management

Paris, 16 16 May 2022 – – Capgemini Announced today Agreed reached (spa) To get Chapis Haller & VSThat is (Shapuy Haller)., With a strategic consulting company management Specialty Financial services sector.. thanks to Sectoral approach Chapis Haller, this Get StrengthenGroup ability Accompany from client Of the banking sectorWealth management And North American insurance, In europe And Southeast Asia, for Define and lead the future of their business Their project Technology transformation.. this Get Also complement Offer A group of highly regarded strategic areas of aboutnoment, Social & Goaverance (ESG). And climate risk.. This operation must be completed In the next few months.

Based in Luxembourg, Chappuis Halder is a consulting firm with approximately 150 employees headquartered in North America (New York and Montreal), Europe (Paris and Geneva) and Southeast Asia (Singapore and Hong Kong). He has built a reputation in the financial services industry for transformation, finance, risk and compliance. He specifically provides regulatory advice and leads ESG-related projects, providing commercial opportunities to clients, especially thanks to his expertise in data-driven transformation.

“” Arrival Chapis Haller Contribute to deepen Our expertise In LFinancial services, a prerequisite for being able to Accompany Sector customers In Transformof their activityAnirban Bose, Chief Executive Officer of Capgemini’s financial services activities and a member of the Capgemini Group’s General Management Committee, said. When Chapis HallerFurther strengthens our ability to provide end-to-end transformation to our financial services customers.. »»

“” This acquisition will help investment banking clients provide influential transformation projects. And wealth managementAdds Cyril Garcia, Chief Executive Officer of Capgemini Invent and a member of the Capgemini Group’s General Management Committee. Chapis HallerJoin Capgemini inventionBrings a team of highly talented and experienced consultants based in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.Their skills, especially in the field of services of Sustainable development, Who teeth Our priority to meet demand Growing customer’s, It is a highly complementary complement to the Group’s broad sector and technical skills. »»

“” Became a member of the Capgemini GroupBring him Our ability to support our customers In Financial services sector design, schedule When put Implement technology-powered end-to-end transformation, Stéphane Eyraud, founder of Chappuis Halder, commented.

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