Cac 40 has regained some color after dropping 6% in 4 days, Market News

The Paris Stock Exchange has recovered on the first day of the day after the worst “sold out” suffered by global financial markets since the start of the 2020 pandemic. Nevertheless, investors are skeptical that the global economy will tighten monetary policy. Some people are afraid of a recession, but they are showing signs of slowing down.

Around 9:35 am Bedroom 40 With a trading volume of € 380 million, it increased by 1.16% to 6,156.41 points.

The Asian market fell this morning while trading above lows, and China’s CSI 300 ended at 1.1% after starting the session in the red.Reversal that can be explained by the progress of the contract future Due to a nearly 2% rise in the US index, especially the Nasdaq 100 index the day after the significant decline on Wall Street. The S & P 500 closed below 4,000 points for the first time since March 31, 2021.

Questions about the level at which the Federal Reserve is trying to raise interest rates continue to weaken bond markets, but with unpredictable results in the Ukrainian conflict, China’s foreign trade slows sharply. As a result, the outlook for the Mondial economy is uncertain. Beijing, in particular, does not seem to consider abandoning the “Zero Corona” policy that has paralyzed many Chinese cities and businesses.

Liquidity is deteriorating

In its stability report, the Federal Reserve Board warned of worsening liquidity in global financial markets. At the same time, some central bank officials are trying to provide peace of mind at the scale of the next rate hike. This is especially true if Dallas Fed President Raphael Bostic is in favor of a half-point tightening. For him, it’s unlikely that the rate will be raised by 75 basis points, but he doesn’t rule out that possibility.

In terms of commodities, Brent’s barrel from the North Sea continues to decline after falling more than 6% on Monday, as consensus within the European Union on oil embargo appears to be broken.

There is only one macroeconomic indicator on the agenda. It is the ZEW index of German economic sentiment in May. According to the consensus formed by Bloomberg, it should have continued to deteriorate to -43.5 points after -41 in April.

Renault is optimistic, Europapi is recommended

Renault Increases by 0.9%. Mobilize, a new mobility and data services brand for automakers, is aiming for double-digit margins by 2027. This represents the role that the group is expected to play in its financial recovery. The latter also announced that it will sell a 34.02% stake in its South Korean subsidiary Renault Korea Motors to Geely Automobile Holding of China.

Stellantis Earn 2.6% while Berenberg is initiating stock coverage to “buy”. In the same sector Michelin Winner 2.2%, Forcia 3.8%, Valeo 2.7%

Airbus Win 3%. The aircraft manufacturer announced in April that it had received an order for 98 new aircraft and delivered 48 aircraft. Societe Generale has raised its title recommendations from “hold” to “purchase” and raised its target price from € 126 to € 132.

Euroapi 7.7% advance. Deutsche Bank has begun follow-up with active pharmaceutical ingredient experts to “buy” for € 20. On Monday, JP Morgan began covering the “Outperform” stock.

Trigger It will increase by 8.1%. Mobile home makers posted high net income in the first half of the gradual fiscal year, but expect the business to slow in the third quarter due to a shortage of parts.