Business performance is -630KE

Osmozis maintained its momentum in the first half of 2021 in 2022, with a record 2020-2021 fiscal year continuation, with sales reaching 4,218 KE as of February 28, 2022. That is, + 36% growth compared to the first half. .. Driven by Premium Subscription Services in 2020-2021, increased by + 45%. This sales are also up 35% compared to the last pre-health crisis criteria of the first half of 2019-2020. During the period, Osmozis’ full range of connected products and services continued to meet the strong demands of campsite operators in the context of health stabilization.

In addition to continuously converting regular consumption to premium, sales of the entire WiFi access service (regular consumption + WiFi premium) are +17 every six months compared to the first half of 2020-2021. It increased by% and increased from 2,442. From KE to 2,869 KE. This growth is still showing dynamic demand for this service. This is a basic element of the operator and is therefore an important entry point for deploying all Osmozis Connected Services.

With the strength of the new semester of activity growth and the trajectory of improved operating profitability, Osmodis recorded 553 KE in the first semester, +301 KE in one year and 958 KE in two years (one year before the crisis). Achieved EBITDA).

Strong growth in group and onsite installations. This will generate recurring revenue over the next few years.

The financial results reached 74 KE, and the reversal of the 350 KE reserve offset financial costs, especially 149 KE interest paid on Group debt.
After considering the exceptional results of -28KE and the tax revenue of 130KE (including CIR), the group’s net income shows an improvement of -454KE in the first half of fiscal year 2021-2022.

As of February 28, 2022, Osmodis had an equity of 6,583 KE, total cash of 2,887 KE and net financial liabilities of 11,861 KE. Osmozis applied for two loans totaling 1,250 KE between 2021 and early 2022, including a state-guaranteed 250 KE loan, to proactively pursue development and innovation strategies. The Group’s debt is primarily long-term debt, with more than 75% of maturity being repaid after 2024.

Thanks to the growth of activities since the start of the fiscal year, Osmodis continued to invest in the fleet of objects connected to the terminal, creating an investment flow of -1,623K. In particular, the Group maintained an inventory of products, especially connected locks, products that could fulfill orders until August 2023. New borrowing and financing flow reached -103KE.

New prospects for profitable growth for a “return to normal” exercise in health

In the context of this successful first half continuation and normalization of the health crisis, Osmodis aims to solidify a profitable growth trajectory for its activities throughout the 2021-202 fiscal year. Higher than the previous year (3.2 ME), the annual EBITDA / sales margin should remain above 33%.

This profitable growth will automatically improve Osmozis’ cash flow. In addition, the discontinuation of “shared” sales related to regular consumption also has a positive impact on cash flow of approximately 1 ME per year.
Moreover, given the positive cash flow generated by this activity, Osmodis will be able to gradually reduce its net debt over the next few years.

In the medium term, Osmodis will pursue commercial development while maintaining a profitable trajectory by focusing on the following strategic axes:
-Increased revenue per location due to increased sales of premium subscription services, including all types of IoT services. The commercial potential of this range has established itself as an innovative solution that enables the safe arrival of vacationers in current health conditions, especially campgrounds with greater flexibility. OsmoKey Connection Lock Was strongly strengthened during the fiscal year.
-Continuous cost structure optimization and strict operating expense management to improve Group performance. In this regard, Osmozis has set up a new digital internal management environment that can monitor the profitability of each project and optimize costs over time.
-Continuous innovation to continuously expand the scope of connected services through an ambitious “R & D” policy. Due to the proximity of the outdoor accommodation operator, Osmozis can accurately identify the needs of the sector and provide an accurate and innovative response. In this regard, Osmozis will continue to develop advanced solutions for connected mobile homes, regardless of brand, such as security, comfort, water-electricity-gas resource management, connectivity, etc.The potential market for this service is about 2.5 million
The number of mobile homes in Europe, that is, the possibility of renting 500ME per year.

Next meeting: Revenues for the third quarter of 2021-2022 on July 7, 2022.