Bruno Le Mer and the Atlanticist clinical madness are “elite”

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of Hysterical interventionMinister of Economy threatened not only the Russian government but also the Russian people“Comprehensive economic and financial war”.. Similarly, the British Foreign Secretary has decided to leave to fight Russia in Ukraine, in violation of British law that it is illegal to join foreign troops in a war with a peaceful country with Britain. Encouraged to.

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Jupiter drives what he wants to lose like crazy

The first victims of war are always truth and sanity. And at this last point, Western leaders, in the context of Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the enthusiasm of the media surrounding it, Obvious symptoms of a broken hose..

This is how the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Mer, declared in an interview on French information on Tuesday morning: “We will deliver Full economic and financial war against Russia »»Then, I would say: “We will target the center of the Russian system, target Vladimir Putin, target the oligarchs, but also the entire Russian economy, and the Russian people will pay the results. Other than that. I don’t know how to do it. ”

Following these statements, Dmitry Medvedev, Vice-Chairman of the Security Council of Russia, warned in a tweet written in French, asking the Finance Minister to “see his words.” “Remember that economic warfare in human history has often turned into a real war.”.. In the afternoon, Le Mer was forced to withdraw his inflammatory remarks (definitely he was reconstructed by Elysee): “The term war used in French information this morning is inappropriate and does not correspond to our deescalation strategy.”, He said in a statement sent to AFP.And France adds that it wasn’t “Not in conflict with the Russian people”What his intervention means.

In the west, which appears to be completely opposed to Russia, the fact that Le Mer evoked the French government’s “deescalation” strategy, with Emmanuel Macron talking to Vladimir Putin on the phone for 1 hour and 30 minutes on the same day. Shows that France has not completely forgotten its role, as the “power of balance” that the weak-willed Macron himself mentioned a few months ago.

In London, Foreign Minister Liz Truss enthusiastically assisted British citizens who wanted to travel to Ukraine to fight the Russians. “Ukrainians are fighting for freedom and democracy, not just for Ukraine, but for Europe as a whole, because that is the challenge of the president. [Vladimir] Putin. And yes, if people want to support this fight, I will support them in this process. “, She told the BBC on Sunday. Asked if that meant taking a weapon, she replied: “Of course, if that’s what they want to do.”

the Guardian However, the minister’s comment is that people traveling to eastern Ukraine “To fight or help others involved in the conflict” You may be prosecuted when you return to the UK. As former Attorney General Dominique Greaves pointed out, anyone fighting in Ukraine violates the law passed in 1870 and it is illegal to join foreign troops in the war between Britain and a peaceful country. It has become.

NATO should be taken to the International Court of Justice

The problem we are facing is World order of dying empire monetarists Of London and Wall Street.This axiomatic and completely fantastic attachment is the true underlying impetus of the war, in which a superficial conflict called the “Ukrainian Crisis” is currently taking place. Most prominent symptoms.. Note that no one is talking about hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of hunger deaths in Afghanistan today (as a result of Western sanctions) …

In an interview with Sputnik InternationalAlfred Maurice de Zayasu, a former United Nations official and author of the Just World Order Construction (2021), the United States and its NATO allies who are critical of Russia today Accountability for war They themselves have been there for the last 30 years. “NATO has violated the Charter of the United Nations many times. In fact, NATO is not a” defensive “organization, but on the contrary. Organization of aggressive behavior.. NATO countries have committed crimes of aggression, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

Not only does NATO lack moral authority, but it also lacks credibility because it disseminates false stories as “fake news” in preparation for all of the war of aggression. Therefore, it would be interesting to consider the possibility of applying the Nuremberg Principles and the Nuremberg Decision to NATO. Article 9 of the London Agreement of August 8, 1945 established the enactment of the Nuremberg Trials, Legal concept of “criminal organization”..

According to former UN experts, NATO military operations violate Articles 5, 6, 7, and 8 of Roman law, and the International Court of Justice has grounds to initiate an investigation. It is about. “The United States is applying international law a la carte,” Desayas said. (…) The United States understands International law as a geopolitical tool, Should be used and abused as needed. (…) The political calculation behind the systematic breach of the Minsk agreement was to prolong the conflict, perhaps hoping that the Luhansk and Donetsk governments would collapse or give up. Article 11 of the 2015 Agreement requires Ukraine to negotiate with the authorities of Luhansk and Donetsk. It was not intended to approve their right to withdraw, but it required adjustments that would give these states autonomy. Unfortunately, the OSCE did not monitor the implementation of Article 11 of the Minsk Agreement, and President Zelensky himself declared that he would not apply it because he “agrees” with Russia and was at a disadvantage to Ukraine.However, this is a violation of the principle pacta sunt servanda [les accords doivent être respectés] (Article 26 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties). Such a serious breach of the treaty by Ukraine made the withdrawal from the Russian treaty legal and legal (Article 60 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties). “

At the Munich Security Conference, NATO Secretary-General Jason Stoltenberg said: “If Russia wants less NATO at the border, it’s the opposite and gets more NATO.”..It was throwing a gauntlet at Putin Useless provocation, Point out Dezayasu. Since the illegal Maidan coup that caused this war, the United States and NATO have only added fuel to the fire.

“It is clear that the delivery of large quantities of weapons to Ukraine poses a very obvious threat to Russia, which is itself an act. Contrary to the Charter of the United Nations, Its Article 2, Paragraph 4 prohibits not only the use of force, but also the “threat” of the use of force. In this sense, Russia has a reason to feel threatened and was able to invoke the relevant provisions of the Helsinki Final Act of 1975. As an American who feels subrogated in my government’s decisions, I am deeply grateful to the Ukrainians and Donbus. It is a pity to see Ukrainians thus abused and exploited by NATO and sacrificed at the altar of geopolitics in the empire.

Emergency-Sign and circulate the Schiller Institute’s appeal to thwart military expansion!

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