Bitcoin: A profitable investment, according to 81% of young people aged 18-24

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Bitcoin is considered a profitable investment, even if it does not make a profit. Like gold and oil, Bitcoin and major cryptocurrencies are considered by young investors as attractive investments in this sense. It’s not unreasonable. In that case, it is pure speculation about market price fluctuations.

Bitcoin is profitable, but are there any returns?

This amazing statistic emerges in the 2022 survey on savings and severance in France, published by Cercle de l’Epargne / AG2R La Mondiale / Amphitea. If Bitcoin and crypto assets primarily seduce French people, 22% cite Bitcoin as an investment to consider. Among young savers between the ages of 18 and 24, over 81% consider Bitcoin to be a profitable investment.

For the oldest, it’s an investment rather than a deployment. No returns, coupons, dividends or interest will be paid by Bitcoin. Young investors are realizing capital gains by trading and buying and selling cryptocurrencies on spreads. This is quite normal as it is pure speculation and no returns are provided.

Holding Bitcoin is not taxing your income!

Many financial media visibly trip over the carpet. No, just holding Bitcoin is not a taxable income transaction. On the other hand, although it is mandatory to notify the tax authorities of the holding of a digital asset account, this operation is purely declarative and does not trigger applicable taxation.

Income is taxed on the realization of monetary profits from the sale of crypto assets. This is quite normal. Sell ​​crypto assets in regulated currencies, such as euros and dollars. Therefore, in this case, taxation on cryptocurrencies will apply. On the other hand, of course, he remains tax-free on his income as long as the investor converts it to other crypto assets.

Logically, at the same time, he hasn’t won anything. His profits are not only potential, but only realized when he sells his position, for example to convert to the euro. It’s exactly the same principle as stocks. The potential profit is only the potential profit and in fact nothing has been earned yet πŸ™‚

DCA: Do you invest in crypto on a regular basis? Why is this strategy a loser in the long run?

DCA: Do you invest in crypto on a regular basis? Why is this strategy a loser in the long run?

Warning about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and other crypto assets

Investing in Bitcoin is a very risky investment and is reserved for informed investors. Investor capital can be lost altogether without compromising financial comfort. Bitcoin speculation is that changes in Bitcoin prices can be extreme in a very short time. Bitcoin is the target of many investment frauds. Invest in Bitcoin only through a platform officially licensed for the French market. Otherwise, there is no acceptable legal means in case of fraud. CFD trading is not suitable for all types of investors. Trading with leverage always increases profits and losses. CFD order execution services through limited risk accounts indicate the risk of losing invested capital. Expert accounts are risky and can result in losses in excess of your investment capital.

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