Bet on acquisition of ba & sh by HLD investment fund

At the beginning of March, the HLD Investment Fund became a majority shareholder of ba & sh. The founders of HLD Jean-Bernard Lafonta aim to double sales by 2025 by acquiring the French ready-to-wear brand for women, especially by accelerating internationalization and digitization strategies. increase. Cédric Chateau, Partner and Chairman of the Fund’s Investment Analysis Committee, was pleased with the global growth potential of ba & sh.

HLD is a European investment fund that manages a portfolio of 18 companies. In total, the latter employs 24,000 people, has sales of around € 2 billion and a compound annual growth rate of over 10%.

Success mainly by founder Jean-Bernard Lafonta. HLD’s Chairman of the Board began his engineering career at the electrical machinery construction company Jumon Schneider. Jean-Bernard Lafonta then worked in the Minister’s Secretariat, then to Lazard and BNP Banks, and then to the Wendel Group, where he helped invest in Legrand, Editis and Bureau Veritas.

In 2010, he founded HLD with various business units (Jimmy Fairly, SVR Dermatology Institute, equipment rental company Kiroutou, private and military aviation supplier Rafaut, optics Photonis maker, Tessi’s business process, etc.). With the acquisition of the French ready-to-wear brand ba & sh in early March, the era of the clothing retail sector has arrived.

HLD has joined the super-growth company. Founded in 2003 by Barbara Boccara, Sharon Krief and Dan Arrouas, ba & sh increased sales seven-fold between 2015 and 2021. The brand is aiming for sales of at least € 320 million this year, which is enough to boost ambition.

The success of Ba & sh can be explained in many ways. First of all, we manufacture the finest clothing at affordable prices, and the manufacturing is environmentally friendly. At the same time, the brand sells many accessories that complete its offering, such as jewelry, leather goods and sneakers. All products are distributed physically and digitally.

2015 was the year of international development of ba & sh. With L Catterton’s entry into the capital and the adoption of Pierre-Arnaud Grenade as CEO, the brand was able to achieve 56% of its sales outside France. ba & sh claims an increase of 200 POS over 7 years to reach a network of 300 sites in 40 countries. Currently, it has more than 1,200 employees.

Therefore, to continue to grow, women’s ready-to-wear brands are betting on omni-channel and increasing digital sales, which account for nearly 30% of sales. We also want to continue to conquer the international market. Development issues that nevertheless require support.

This is why HLD has acquired a majority stake in the capital of Parisian fashion brands. Investment funds support the development of ba & sh in the next phase, along with historic shareholders who maintain a relationship with capital. HLD’s financial resources and operational resources support the brand’s internationalization and digitalization strategies. The new majority of shareholders aim to double ba & sh’s sales within three years.

“” ba & sh is a unique home in the fashion world with a strong and unique identity that is recognized by customers all over the world. [ …].. ba & sh has great potential for development, whether it’s geographical expansion or marketing of new product categories. We are pleased that HLD can work with founders Barbara, Sharon, Dan, and CEO Pierre-Arnaud to support the global growth of ba & sh in the future. “ Cédric Chateau, Partner and Chairman of the HLD Investment Analysis Committee, concludes.


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