BD Multimedia: Broadcast of the 2021 Annual Report-May 11, 2022 07:00

The BD Multimedia Group has announced the issuance of its annual financial report as of December 31, 2021.

The year of COVID has been very difficult, especially slowing the realization of decisive partnerships, but the group has used a solid foundation of technical tools and financial skills to enable future growth of strong capabilities. Invested in new products in the future.

In late 2021, the group launched a new page in its history with an ambitious positioning strategy in the highly vibrant NFT market.

The group is currently aiming to be an investment tool for future markets, especially services related to new “blockchain” technologies.

Thanks to our experience in the fields of technology, regulation and finance, we are confident in its position. The parent company is also the only company ever operating in the field of NFTs and payment institutions, giving it a decisive advantage in the future.

In a few months, the group will be able to move forward very quickly by creating two startups in the field of NFTs and a new startup in the field of P2E (play to win video games) in 2022. Demonstrated. In this final project, an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is underway, and it is already possible to raise nearly US $ 250,000 in unfavorable financial and crypto asset market conditions.

Since 2021, the title has become much more attractive, especially thanks to the following actions taken by the group:

: Continuous listings, regular communication about projects, online meetings, etc.

We will continue to follow this path for the benefit of our shareholders.

The entire 2021 financial report, including the Audit & Supervisory Board Members’ report, is available on the Euronext website.

This report can be found in the Press and Publications / Annual Report section of the company website.

Shareholders will receive an invitation to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, which will be held on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, during May.

About FinTech and BD Multimedia Rooted in the Digital Revolution

BD Multimedia is a French fintech player for electronic payment services based on a strong digital culture, aiming to create value-added services through the use of information technology.

  • The parent company obtained a payment establishment license from the French Regulatory Authority (ACPR) in 2015.

  • A subsidiary of PAYCOM issues TONEO FIRST prepaid Mastercard cards, the products of which are distributed to almost every tobacco shop in France.

  • The subsidiary BD MULTIMEDIA HK LTD publishes a software solution dedicated to payment services.

  • The subsidiary METACOLLECTOR (under establishment) is a platform for integrating ancient art in the public domain into the world of NFTs. These NFTs can be viewed in the metaverse or exchanged between collectors.

  • A subsidiary of UNIQUIRE is implementing the Group’s “Curated Fine Art NFTs” platform project. More details will be announced later.

BD multimedia is listed in Euronext Growth (ISIN code: FR0000035305 / ALBDM)

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