Bayeux Intercom: Jemapi Tax Creates New Ground Swell in Congress

On Thursday, April 7, 2022, the community council was upset by a vote on a promising new tax product aimed at fighting floods and maintaining water quality (Gemapi).
The community council was restless and voted on Thursday, April 7, 2022, a promising product with a new tax aimed at fighting floods and maintaining water quality (Gemapi). © Frederick Bourgeois

The Gemapi tax (Aquatic Environment Management and Flood Prevention) resurfaced on Thursday, April 7, 2022 at the Bayeux Intercom Community Council. Elected representatives of the Municipal Assembly gathered in Elon (Calvados) will be the expected product in the first year of application of this capability, which was “consigned” by the state to the municipal community on January 1, 2018. I voted. Law of Modernization With the public action of the territory and the identification of big cities (MAPTAM), a public body for cooperation between local governments (EPCI) arises to fulfill new obligations regarding the protection of the territory and its inhabitants. You need to cover the cost with a special tax.

208,000 euros in the first year

The contribution that Bayeux Intercom must raise in the first year of the shared exercise of this capability will be € 208,281. “Tax revenues will be donated to the Ter’Bessin union. We’re just mailboxes,” summarizes Didier Barey, vice president of the Finance Commission at Bayeux Intercom.

Since January 2022, Ter’Bessin has been exercising Gemapi skills. Therefore, a department specializing in the management of the aquatic environment has been established. It consists of 4 technicians, eventually 10 people. To fund this capability, the syndicate relies partially on the Gemapi tax, which supplements the syndicate’s multi-year investment plan.

Ter’Bessin is the new name for the joint association Bessin Urbanisme, founded in 2003, which brings together my three Bessin municipalities (Isigny-Omaha Intercom, Seulles Terre et Mer and Bayeux Intercom). Ter’Bessin demonstrates a certain number of skills against three EPCIs in the areas of urban planning, land use planning, and ecosystem migration.

Shield raise

“We will still be treated as thieves by our members,” said Eron Mayor Claude Lemierre, in opposition to the Gemapi tax, like Campigny’s counterpart Jackie Forbel. increase.

The time will come when a small community will have to say no. enough ! It is not always possible to raise taxes as a country withdraws. That is injustice. 95% of the inhabitants of my municipality are owners. In cities like Bayeux, there are a large number of tenants. However, only the owner is subject to this Jemapi tax.

Jackie Forbel, Mayor of Campigny

Campigny’s first justice of the peace will be joined by the president of Bayeux Intercom in this regard. Patrick Gomont. “We all benefit from the coast and water quality. This concerns the entire territory. The unfairness is that taxes should be relevant to everyone. Property tax (2023) The editor’s note), which is a thing of the past, had benefits that were relevant to all citizens. Today, the vast majority of citizens who use the service no longer pay taxes to local governments. ”

“Increasing tax”

Bayeux Mayor Patrick Gomont was very clear about the future of the Gemapi line of tax sheets. “Ter’Bessin has already received development requests. Many are wary of coastline erosion, water quality, pond maintenance … all of this requires means. Ter’Bessin is the first We are demanding € 208,000 a year, but we plan to make an investment next year. Bessin is an increasing tax, “warns the president of Bayeux Intercom.

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“We all know the difficulties”

Arnaud Tankerel, The Vice President of Bayeux Intercom and the President of the Telbessan Union wanted to be relieved. “The driving force behind Ter’Bessin is responsibility and integrity. We know the current economic situation and everyone’s difficulties. Each of Bessin’s three municipalities is financially responsible for implementing projects around Gemapi. The allocation of costs is calculated between each municipality. In 2022, Bessin Intercom will be required to donate € 208,281. After that, the Department of Public Finance will say this amount. Will be distributed to taxpayers subject to property tax, housing tax, and commercial real estate tax on built and unbuilt real estate.

What is the expected revenue from the Gemapi tax in 2022? Adopted by the councilMinus 7 votes.

What is the impact on the 2022 residents’ wallets?

On October 15, 2022, Bayeux Intercom residents (whose owner is clear) subject to the Gemapi tax will see a new column next to the household waste collection tax on their tax sheet. Gemapi column. But how much can you expect? Didieverly, vice chairman of the Bayeux Intercom Finance Commission, calculated, but some citizens are afraid to pay an additional tax of up to € 40 per year.

“The territory of Telbessin, including the three Bessin intercoms, has 80,000 inhabitants. The law allows the products expected from Gemapi to be limited to per inhabitant and up to € 40 per year. Therefore, the maximum revenue that Ter’Bessin can expect is € 3.2 million. In 2022, the donations requested by Ter’Bessin from Isigny-Omaha Intercom, Seulles Terre et Mer, and Bayeux Intercom will be € 732,000.

With respect to the € 208,281 donation requested by Bayeux Intercom, Didieverly calculated the average total Jemapi tax on the average rental value of Bayeux Intercom’s average home. “By calculating the average rent for 36 municipalities in the inter-municipal community, this rent is reached by multiplying this rent by the 0.54% percentage announced by the DGFIP (Director of Finance, Editor’s Note). With a Gemapi tax of about € 7 inches.

total Add another 60 euros With the increase in tax rates adopted at this conference of the community council.

Tax rate revised upward

In 2021, Bayeux Intercom maintained its tax rate at 2020 levels in an economic situation already under pressure from the crisis. Property tax (TFPB) on buildings is 1.70%, non-buildings (TFNB) is 1.48%, and 22.82% of business property contribution (CFE). The Bayeux Intercom community council cast 6 votes and adopted the increase to 5% (TF), 4.35% (TFNB) and 24.14% (CFE) in 2022, respectively.

For these three taxes, the expected additional products would be: 1283 million euros.. The purpose of increasing profits is to increase Bayeux Intercom’s ability to raise its own funds, that is, to invest without relying on borrowing, and therefore not to increase its debt.

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