Auvergne-Rhone-Alps remains in second place despite the crisis and continues to attract

Founded four years ago, the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Entreprises Agency aims not only to support the development of businesses in the region, but also to facilitate the establishment of foreign companies.

Since the establishment of the agency, 2021 is the year to record the most foreign investment projects, 191 “Foreign investment decision “, In other words, it is + 20% more than the previous year. There were 160 cases in 2020, 180 cases in 2019, and 172 cases in 2018. This is a project that will be realized within 3 years.For example, in 2020 the agency supported Established 60 companies in the territory..

A “Double digit growth”, Despite Covid-19. “”The first quarter of 2020 was fairly protected. 2021 was very much affected. It was an uncertain year. “, Confirm Frank Corcombet, the new president of the Auvergne-Rhone Alps Entreplease agency. “”Despite the crisis, we are the most attractive region after Paris. “Complete the agency.

It should be noted that 40% of the projects are new. “”Diversity and dynamics of the regional economic structure are also recognized as sustainable as companies are fully aware of them and their investment decisions are not made from a very short-term perspective. .. Frank Colcombet commented.

Therefore, the 2021 foreign investment project should create 4,457 jobs (excluding fixed-term contracts, seasonal and temporary jobs). Like any other forecast, a three-year forecast produced by Business France.

Most of the industrial projects

As in this region with a strong industrial structure, it is the industrial projects that concentrate the majority of foreign investment, with 117 out of 191 projects.

Next are Mechanical and Mechanical Equipment Projects (14 projects), Automotive and Equipment Manufacturers Sector (11 Projects), Metals Sector (11 Projects), Plastic Chemicals (9 Projects), Medical and Surgical Equipment and Diagnosis (8 Projects), and Finally, the agricultural food sector, agriculture and fisheries (8 projects).

However, in terms of work, the automotive, machinery and equipment sectors are number one.

“We have a variety of assets. First, not only strong historic buildings, but also assets such as the pharmaceutical and medical industry, the automotive industry, the Silicon Valley of Grenoble, the plastic industry of Oyonax, aviation, textiles and chemicals. There are also key innovation approaches, training fabrics, road and rail infrastructure that generate emulations, “Franck Colcombet explains.

In services, 27 projects show strong trade and distribution advantages, followed by software and IT services (14 projects), engineering consulting and business services (11 projects), and transportation and storage (8 projects).

Germany’s first investor

Regarding the origin of these new entrants to the local economic structure, European companies concentrate 69% of their investment and Germany accounts for 20% of their investment. Dynamics that has continued since the agency was founded “It’s an industrial country, and so are we. “Francck Colcombet said.

North America, Expression she 17% of the project Of investment Foreigners in 2021. 13% of them are from the United States.

The Asian investment (8%) is declining as part of it “of Number of projects than second job Continuously. The China, Major investors Asia has significantly reduced investment From 16 projects and 541 jobs in 2019 To 6 projects When 49 jobs In 2021Announce the agency.

In terms of regional distribution, it is the Rhone that concentrates 44.5% of the strongest demand from foreign investors, followed by Isere (8.4%) and Savoie, followed by Haute-Savoie and Loire (about 7%). ) Follows.Rural areas such as Ardèche and Cantal attract only 1-2% of the project..