AURES TECHNOLOGIES: 2021 Results-April 29, 2022 08:15

Friday, April 29, 2022

Result 2021:

Sales: 99,611K €

Operating profit: 3,472 thousand euros

Net Income Group Share: € 2,603k

At K €

December 31, 2021

December 31, 2020


Group sales



+ 14.2%

Group operating income




Operating income



Net income group share




Net profit margin



Cash / net liabilities



turn over

Fiscal Year 2021 was characterized by a recovery in strong demand in the first half of the year.

In the second half of the year, it was heavily affected by the shortage of electronic components and the difficulty of international transportation, but reached the end of the year with an increase of more than 14% and group sales of 99.6 million euros.

All companies (SOFTAVERA and LST acquired on February 21, 2021) contributed € 2,015 thousand to consolidated sales.

Operating income

The Group’s operating profit is € 3,472,000 and its operating margin is 3.49%. Direct reading shows that this result is down 29.8% compared to 2020.

However, to analyze this change, Fiscal 2020 results include € 2,644 thousand and € 805,000 (compared to €) recognition of PPP loans in the United States (Paycheck Protection Program). It should be noted that. In the context of the COVID crisis, aid recorded under various partial unemployment mechanisms in 2021 (151 thousand).

Recalculating these amounts for 2020 and 2021 results, the increase is 121.7%.

At K €

December 31, 2021

December 31, 2020


Reported group operating income




PPP loan and COVID assistance



Redisplayed group operating income




The contribution to the operating profit of the group of all acquired companies is -139,000 euros.

Net income

Annual consolidated net income was € 2,603 ​​thousand (group share of € 2,516 thousand).

In 2020, it will be 3,026k euros (group share 2,993k euros) (that is, the net profit margin will be 2.53%).

The tax amount is equivalent to € 1,258,000 and the percentage of the tax amount is 32.58% compared to 7.91% in 2020. This is mainly due to the tax exemption of € 2,475 thousand of income recognized for the PPP exemption. ..

Net cache

The group’s net cash was € 4,834,000.

Total debt as of December 31, 2020


Period refund


New borrowing


Total debt as of December 31, 2021


Bank competition




Cash / Net Debt (K €)


The Board of Directors, held April 28, 2022, reviewed and approved the 2021 Annual Report.

The auditor’s audit procedure for the consolidated financial statements has been finalized.


The beginning of 2022 continues to be affected by the shortage of electronic components, strong tensions on sea and air cargo, the resumption of the COVID health crisis in China, and the conflict in Ukraine.

The Group is working to secure the supply chain and limit the impact of these difficulties on our business.

International economic and political conditions make any prediction impossible.

Next release

Announcement of sales of 1


Quarter 2022: May 9, 2022 after market closure.


Founded in 1989 and listed on Euronext since 1999, AURES is an IT manufacturer of digital hardware and application solutions for all POS sectors.

The AURES Group is headquartered in France, with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and the United States (AURES Technologies Inc and Retail Technology Group – RTG *) and Tunisia (LST **), and is a partner and distributor established in more than 60 countries. Network of ters and distributors.

* American company Retail Technology Group Inc (RTG) is a leading player on the other side of the Atlantic in the maintenance of IT services and point-of-sale (POS).

** The Tunisian company LST (Leader Solution Tactile) is a group development unit for middleware and digital applications.

ISIN code: FR 0013183589

Financial Information: Sabine De Vuyst

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